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10 Tips for an Epic Bachelorette Party

Have you been tasked with planning a bachelorette weekend for your friend and not sure where to start? No worries, we have you’re back. With some purposeful planning and some creative decoration and gifts, you can throw an amazing party. Read our 10 tips that will help you throw an epic Bachelorette Party!

Plan Ahead for the Best Results

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Don’t wait till the week before to start planning activities! Once you know the date and location, continuously check for fun events, group deals and activities you’ll need to book ahead. The more you plan ahead of the trip, the less likely you’ll be stuck in the hotel with nothing to do.

Pick the Perfect Theme

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Picking a theme for the trip might sound a little ridiculous but we promise it will pay off in the long run. A theme can be anything from Cowgirls, to Mermaids, to Masquerade or even Bridgerton. Running different themes past all the guests can create some awesome ideas and make everyone more excited to follow the theme. Once you’ve chosen a theme, planning decorations and outfits for the group will come much easier!

Create an Itinerary

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Creating an itinerary you can share with the bride and the group will make the weekend go much smoother. Not only will it stop the question of “what’s next?”, it will also help other party guests keep the group on task and let everyone in on the plan.

Plan for the Unexpected

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Sometimes no matter how much you plan ahead, an activity doesn’t work out! Have a list of other activities you can do instead and stay light on your feet. If the night out at the club is a bust, don’t be afraid to change plans, switch things around, or even just have a night in! Don’t let the disappointment get to you, take charge and offer some options!

Get Creative and Decorate

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Pinterest is the perfect place to find ideas for outfits and decor that will fit the theme you picked out. Don’t stop at just streamers and balloons, look into what cocktails, accessories and snacks could make your party a true hit!

Set Up Payment Method for the Group

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In this day and age, Venmo or Cashapp is pretty essential when going out with a group. Making sure that every guest has an account set up before going out will stop future headaches. This will make paying or charging each other for big expenses much easier and almost instant. Also consider setting up a Venmo account that allows friends and family to send money directly to pay for the Bride’s drinks or dinner!

Try a New Activity Together

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A bachelorette party is the perfect time for everyone to try something new! Look into deals on group activities and you’ll find something you’ve never thought to do. Maybe this is yoga on the beach, a Segway city ride, or a paint and sip event. Get creative and pick out something that could bring the group closer together!

Prep for the Next Morning

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No one enjoys a hangover, so make sure to prepare before going out for the night. Make sure each guest has water near them and distribute some ibuprofen before falling asleep. Planning a tasty, greasy breakfast for the next morning will also help with hangovers!

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Cook Up Awesome Party Favors

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Giving each guest a cute, personalized party favor is a great way to bring the group closer together. Think matching t-shirts, travel cups, sun glasses; brainstorm what would be a big hit with your specific group. Put some thought into the party favors and have fun with it!

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Put the Bride First

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The bachelorette weekend should be about the Bride! Make sure to plan activities she would enjoy and check in with her to make sure she’s having the best weekend of her life. Don’t bog her down with little decisions and let her have fun and relax.

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