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10 Tips for a Comfy Summer Wedding

Summertime is typically considered wedding season. But in the dead of summer, the warm weather can easily turn into unbearably hot weather. When temperatures run in the 80s and 90s, it’s important to plan for the comfort and safety of your wedding guests. Here are our tips for a comfy summer wedding.

Stick to Cool Attire

woman wearing teal tube dress while smiling
Photo by Genessa Panainte

A poofy princess dress with 15 layers or a gown with sleeves might not be the best option for the middle of July, so keep your own attire in mind. Your wedding party will likely be running around quite a bit so it’s important that they stay comfy as well. Short sleeve dresses made with tulle, silk, or chiffon are best for bridesmaids dresses. For groomsmen, consider linen jackets or just waistcoats over dress shirts to keep them cool. Let your guest know breathable, airy clothes are essential.

Start Activities Later in the Day

man carrying woman wearing white dress during sunrise
Photo by Lauren Rader

Stay away from afternoon ceremonies or any outdoor activities from noon to 3pm, as this is typically the hottest part of the day. Evening ceremonies and sunset receptions are ideal for summer weddings. Starting wedding activities after 5pm will not only be beautiful, but also keep you and your guests nice and cool.

Watch for Rainy Weather

a bride and groom kiss in the rain under an umbrella
Photo by Joel Overbeck

Rain on your wedding day is a always a possibility but during the summer, as the weather is unpredictable. Check the forecast the week and the day of to see if you’ll need to plan around any rain and mud. If it does rain, consider moving the party inside or delaying the ceremony until the rain passes. An early cocktail hour inside can be a perfect solution. And don’t worry, if the rain does show up, it can make for some magical photo ops.

Create a Shady Area for Guests

a couple of kids standing in front of a tent
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante

Creating an area of shade for your guests will be crucial for their well-being. Some venues might have indoor areas for guests to retreat to, but if yours doesn’t, it’s best to plan for some shady spots. Consider renting a canopy, a tent, or even just setting out tables and chairs near a shady tree.

Avoid Heavy Red Meat for Dinner

variety of fruits
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Guests probably don’t want to eat a big steak fresh off the grill after they’ve been outside for a few hours in the heat, so it’s best to plan a light dinner. Fish, chicken and vegetarian options are a great alternative to a classic steak. For appetizers options, consider salads, cheese and fruits, and grilled veggies. Heavy, red meat can stop your guests from dancing the night away.

Promote Sunscreen to Guests

Person Pouring Plastic Tube Bottle
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Everyone should wear sunscreen everyday, but not every guest will subscribe to this advice. You can even provide sunscreen for your guests if you are extra worried about the amount of sun they’ll be exposed to.

Stay Hydrated

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Photo by Yomex Owo

Alcohol and weddings typically go hand and hand, and while a cold alcoholic beverage is great to quench thirst, it’s important that everyone drinks water as well. Offering a flavored water near the bar and having filled water glasses on the reception tables is a great way to influence your guests stay hydrated.

Pick the Right Decor for Summer

bouquet of assorted-color flowers hanged on brown plank with white textile
Photo by Samantha Gades

Heavy drapery and dark colors aren’t ideal for a summer wedding. Think airy fabrics, bright colors, and flowers that can endure the summer heat. The last thing you’ll want is melting decor and wilting flowers before the ceremony has even started.

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Plan Your Hairstyles for the Heat

a woman standing in front of a window
Photo by Andres Molina

The Bride’s hairstyle can make or break the day. Keeping your hair up and off your neck is essential for staying cool and comfortable during the long day. The last thing you want is to sweat through your hairstyle before pictures! And that goes for your bridesmaids as well.

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Offer a Variety of Cold Desserts

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While cake is a staple of weddings, think about offering your guests a cold alternative for dessert. Consider an ice cream bar, frozen cocktails, and even ice cream cake! Not only will this keep everyone cool, but it will leave a great impression on your guests.

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