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We Asked AI to Draw Real Supernatural Encounters… with Terrifying Results

Let’s talk about cryptids. Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been depictions of encounters with beings who are clearly not human. While some of the earliest encounters are presented as angelic and beautiful, most modern-day witness descriptions of cryptid encounters are quite the opposite. Abductions. Livestock mutilations. Harbingers of death. Not something that anyone would wish for. And perhaps most interestingly, witnesses commonly describe these creatures in the same manner. In fact, this kind of consistency has long been associated with the validity of the encounters themselves.

This fascinated us deeply. So we decided that it would be interesting to run common descriptions of the most famous cryptids through an AI tool to produce a new depiction of the creature. After all, most eyewitnesses were not also artists, so their own depictions were crude and elementary. Other humans attempting to reproduce witness accounts may show bias in their work. So what if we used the impartiality of AI? Could it be realistically accurate?

Let’s hope not. Turns out, they’re terrifying.

1. Gray Aliens

Creepy gray alien with large black eyes
“Gray skin, large head, black almond-shaped eyes, small mouth…”

Depicted as diminutive, slate-gray beings with oversized craniums and hauntingly large, almond-shaped black eyes, the Gray Aliens have become a symbol of the unexplainable. They are often reported to possess advanced technology and a vested interest in humanity. The tales of nighttime abductions and secret experiments whisper of their search for knowledge, similar yet eerily different from our own curiosity. Who knows? Your next star-gazing session could turn into a close encounter of the third kind.

2. Mothman

Creepy pale humanoid with glowing red eyes and wings
“Slender, muscular, white wings, glowing red eyes…”

Emerging from the shadows with red, glowing eyes and an intimidating wingspan, the Mothman of West Virginia presents a haunting figure. With a history dating back to the late 1960s, it’s often perceived as an omen of impending doom. Should you find yourself in the quiet solitude of the West Virginia woods under the pall of the moonlight, be on the lookout for this chilling sentinel, a silent watcher in the darkness.

3. Jersey Devil

A devil like creature with wings and horns
“Kangaroo-like body, goat head, leathery bat wings, horns…”

From the dense and eerie expanse of the New Jersey Pine Barrens springs the legend of the Jersey Devil. With the head of a goat, the body of a kangaroo, and the wings of a bat, this creature is as terrifying as it is inexplicable. The Jersey Devil has lingered in local folklore for centuries because of a curse from a despairing mother. A nighttime stroll through the Pine Barrens might just introduce you to this legendary beast, a chilling reminder of the area’s mysterious past.

4. Reptilian Humanoids

A reptile man with a snake-like head
“Slender, tall, scaly humanoid, snake-like head…”

Reptilian Humanoids, or ‘Reptilians,’ are a staple of science fiction and conspiracy theories. These alleged beings, humanoid in form but reptilian in features, are rumored to be shapeshifters from another world. They supposedly infiltrate human society, assuming positions of power to orchestrate global events. So, the next time you’re looking at a world leader, question your assumptions. Could they be more—or less—than human?

5. Black Eyed Kids

Creepy children dressed in old fashioned clothes with shadows across their faces
“In groups, old-fashioned clothes, pure black eyes, quiet…”

Imagine opening your door to find a child standing there, not at all as innocent as one should be, their eyes completely black and their demeanor chillingly adult. The Black Eyed Kids, spectral beings appearing as children with jet-black eyes, bring with them an aura of dread. They’re often associated with harbingers of misfortune. Be cautious who you let into your home, for these enigmatic visitors might knock at your door next.


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6. Bigfoot

A tall hairy ape-like humanoid in a dark forest
“Hairy ape-like humanoid, 10 feet tall, lumbering gait…”

Enshrined in North American folklore is Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, an enormous, hairy hominid that allegedly roams the forests. Bigfoot stands at an intimidating height of up to 10 feet, with broad shoulders and a distinct, lumbering gait. Sightings often occur in remote, wooded areas. Should you find yourself in such a location, watch for mysterious footprints or listen for unfamiliar calls echoing in the wilderness.

7. Chupacabra

A small sharp toothed devil with small horns
“Reptilian body, scaley skin, sharp fangs, red eyes…”

The legend of the Chupacabra hails from Latin America, an entity feared for its reported attacks on livestock. With a reptilian body, leathery or scaly skin of greenish-gray hue, sharp fangs, and red eyes, the Chupacabra is a creature of nightmares. Should you find yourself traveling through rural landscapes under the Latin American sky, keep an eye out for this elusive predator.

Though we live in an age of science and reason, the world remains a place full of mysteries and unexplored wonders. As you go about your day, remember—the strange and the unknown could be closer than you think.