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10 Tips for the Ultimate Bridal Shower

Throwing a great Bridal Shower can be hard work, but with some time, thought, and personalization you can throw an amazing Bridal Bash! Here are our ten tips for the Ultimate Bridal Shower.

Choose a Great Party Theme

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A party theme might sound childish on the surface but the perfect theme can take a good party to a great one! The theme can be anything, such as just the color pink, an elegant tea party, or a disco dance party. Keep in mind what themes the Bride will enjoy and what will make her look back fondly on the party for years to come.

Have a Personalized Gift for the Bride

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As the person throwing the bridal shower, it’s important to get the bride more than just a set of bowls or a bottle of wine. A engraved wine glass or monogrammed silk robe could be a perfect gift, not only for getting ready on her wedding day but for a life time. Put a lot of thought into her gift. Don’t leave it till the last minute.

Plan Fun Bridal Activities

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No bridal shower is fun without some games! The Newlywed Game is iconic but don’t be afraid to branch out and try something else. Wedding Pictionary, Taste the Cake, and Wedding Jeopardy can be great alternatives for party guests.

Coordinate the Bride’s Arrival

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Make sure you know when and how the Bride will arrive, the last thing you want is a Bridal Shower with no Bride. Coordinating a ride for the Bride is also a great plan so that she can enjoy her party and cocktails without having to drive herself home. Also be clear on when she will arrive so that you can have everything set up before hand!

Serve the Bride’s Favorite Cocktails

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Before buying and mixing cocktails for the party, make sure the Bride approves of the drink menu. If the Bride hates vodka, don’t serve vodka cocktails! Give her a few options based of what drinks you know she likes, but don’t bury her in decisions.

Have Fun Party Favors for Guests

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Don’t forget to make party favors for guests to take as they leave the shower! The favors don’t need to be big or expensive, just something personalized and memorable for each guest. The gifts can follow the party’s theme or just be something sweet.

Have the Bride Approve the Menu

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Similarly to the cocktails, it’s best to give the Bride a options you know she’ll enjoy before finalizing the menu. If her favorite food is Mexican, think about having a taco bar with chips and salsa. Keep it fun and personable!

Decorate Desserts with Wedding Motifs

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Supplying the Bride with her favorite flavor of cupcake will make her party just a little more special. Desserts are also easy to decorate with wedding iconography. Think rings, flowers, bridal dresses and more. Get creative with it!

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Plan for Photo Opportunities

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Nothing is better photo op than a beautifully decorated party. Plenty of pictures will be taken at the party, so creating a photogenic background where the bride can pose with her guests will make a great impression.

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Keep the Bride in the Center of Attention

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You’re throwing the Bridal Shower for the Bride only, not her family or friends. If a guest tries to take over the party, gently lead the attention back to the Bride without making a stink. Make sure she’s fed, hydrated, and having lots of fun!

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