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Dermatologists Say We Don’t Wash These Body Parts Enough

It may shock you to learn that, according to at least one dermatologist, no matter how much people shower, they’re doing it all wrong. We don’t wash these body parts enough. Care to take a guess which ones?


Good Hygiene Is Essential to Health

Dermatologists are more than just complexion experts. Our skin (including hair and nails) is technically the largest organ of the body. The skin protects the body’s internal living tissues and organs. The skin also protects the body from dehydration, helps excrete waste materials through perspiration, and much more. But for skin to function at its optimum level, good hygiene is essential.

Skin can become inflamed through a variety of factors. Good skin hygiene can help prevent irritation from allergens, infections, and autoimmune disorders.

With a lack of hygiene, dirt, sweat, and oil can build up on the skin and clog pores. This can lead to a variety of skin problems, including acne and pimples.

Although many of us believe that our daily shower is doing everything we need to do for good hygiene and skin care, one dermatologist says that may not be the case for many people.

Dermatologist Says We Don’t Wash These Body Parts Enough

A dermatologist who goes by Dermguru on TikTok, recently shocked viewers by stating that, regardless of how much people are showering, the likelihood is that they’re doing it all wrong.

Dermguru shared a video on TikTok to point out the “places that you’re definitely not washing enough.” She captioned her video with the warning: “Think twice next time you take a shower.”

3 Places This Dermatologist Says We Need to Wash More

Dermatologist Dermguru advised her viewers to wash these 3 places “more than you already are.”


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1. Behind the Ears

If you rub your ears and notice an “odor to it,” then you specifically need to be washing that area more often, Dermguru said. She also added to look for a buildup of flaky skin around that area as well.

2. Belly Button

The belly button is an area especially vital to wash thoroughly, the dermatologist said, noting that it collects “sweat, debris, dirt, build up.” She added: “In fact, if you’re not cleaning your belly button enough you can develop enough debris in there that you can develop a naval stone.”

A naval stone is an “accumulation of sebum and keratin in the umbilicus, according to the National Institutes of Health.

3. Under Your Fingernails

“Get under those nails with a scrub brush to get rid of the dirt, debris, and buildup,” Dermguru said. Nails are a common area where infectious substances can linger, such as bacteria.

One such dangerous type of bacteria is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It’s a type of bacteria that is difficult to treat because it is resistant to multiple types of antibiotics.

“[MRSA is] a type of bacteria that usually lives harmlessly on the skin,” according to the NHS. “But if it gets inside the body, it can cause a serious infection that needs immediate treatment…”