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15 Best Secret Fast Food Menu Items

How many cool fast food items are hidden behind secret menus? Well, it’s hard to say. After all, those menus are secret! Ok, so some are just using the restaurants’ existing menus to make new items they don’t formally offer. Either way, here are fifteen of the best secret menu items we’ve discovered.


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You can make an ice cream float at McDonalds, and it’s positively delicious… as long as the ice cream machine is working. Just order a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a large cup and then order a large drink and add your favorite soda to the ice cream cup.

KFC Poutine

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KFC doesn’t actually serve poutine. However, you can make your own by ordering fries, cheddar cheese, and gravy. Put all of these ingredients together and you’ll make the Canadian favorite—you’ll just be missing out on the curds that are traditionally part of the dish.

Spicy Char

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Chick-fil-A doesn’t normally advertise the Spicy Char, a grilled variant of their classic spicy chicken sandwich. However, this healthy option can be ordered by name if you know what to say. For the best results, add a slice of pepper jack cheese.

Burger King Frings

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Can’t decide between fries or onion rings as your side at Burger King? That’s okay, you can just get both. Order a side of “frings” with your meal and you’ll get half fries, half onion rings. That’s a proper secret menu hack there!

Chipotle Loaded Nachos

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Chipotle’s loaded nachos aren’t on the menu. Instead, you need to order a bowl with your favorite loaded nacho toppings and a side of tortilla chips. Then, put the chips on the lid of the bowl, turn the whole thing over, and boom, instant nachos.

Like a Mac

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If you order a McDouble “Like a Mac,” you’re about to get something really cool. This is a proper secret menu item that will see your McDouble outfitted with special sauce, pickles, cheese, onion, and lettuce. That makes it essentially a Big Mac—or, like a Mac. Oh, and it costs less than a normal Big Mac. You’re welcome.

Grilled Cheese

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You can also order a grilled cheese sandwich at McDonald’s. This is a popular pick for vegetarians who might find themselves at the famous burger joint, as it’s extremely easy to make with the ingredients the restaurant has on hand.

Panera Duets

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While Panera’s Value Duets aren’t hidden per se, they’re a bit tough to find. They’re essentially “You Pick Two” combos with an even lower price point. The trade off is that you have to get the exact two items for the Duet meal you choose, but they cost around $7, making them much more affordable.


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This one is a bit of a different beast than most secret menu items. Taco Bell served the Enchirito until 2013 and briefly brought it back in 2022. However, if you order an enchilada with cheese, beans, and beef, you’ll get essentially the same menu item. It’s not like Taco Bell stopped carrying those ingredients!

Barnyard Burger

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The best way to get Wendy’s to serve you a Barnyard Burger, as it’s called on social media, is to order an Asiago Ranch Chicken Club and ask for them to add a beef patty. From there, you can call it a day, or go the classic route and ask for extra bacon to really make it a Barnyard.

Grilled Cheeseburger

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Five Guys serves grilled cheese sandwiches using the same bread it uses to make burgers. You can actually combine these and order a grilled cheeseburger, as the cook can just leave your buns on the grill while the cheese melts into the patty. It’s pretty good if you can afford Five Guys!

In-N-Out 4×4

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In-N-Out’s “Not-So-Secret Menu” pokes fun at how most restaurants would prefer for their fans not to know about all of the items on offer at their locations. One item on this poorly-kept secret is the 4×4, a towering burger quad burger that should obliterate any appetite.

Animal Style

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You’ve probably heard of the “animal style” treatment at In-N-Out before in relation to their fries, but it’s also a very popular secret menu variation for the chain’s beloved burgers. Getting it animal style adds tons of extra sauce, grilled onions, and a unique mustard-cooked patty.

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Chocolate Chip McFlurry

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This one is pretty simple. Go to McDonald’s, order a plain McFlurry with a chocolate chip cookie mixed in. You’ll have to pay for the cookie, too, but you’ll end up with a Chocolate Chip McFlurry, which isn’t normally even on the menu.

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 Land, Sea, and Air

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This towering sandwich is the ultimate menu hack and perhaps the most well-known secret menu item due to its sheer absurdity. The idea is that you can put a beef patty, a chicken patty, and a fish patty on the same sandwich if you order a cheeseburger, McChicken, and Filet-o-Fish from McDonald’s. It’s a lot of food, but it’s worth it!

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