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20 Cool Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Is your job feeling a little stale? Ever wish you could get paid to do something cool and a bit unusual? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered up 20 cool jobs that typically fly under the radar — but now that you’ve heard of them, you’re ahead of the game!

20. Video Game Tester


How sweet would it be to play games all day and get paid for doing so? Game testers play games and provide feedback during the development process. This is self-explanatory and the ultimate dream job for gamers.

19. Paint Drying Watcher

We’ve all heard the saying “like watching paint dry” to describe how boring something can be. But apparently it can be quite fascinating if you’re getting paid for it! A paint drying watcher is tasked with monitoring the drying process, ensuring quality and consistency, and overseeing that the texture and color transform as desired.

18. Tea Taster

Just like it sounds, this is a role for a tea expert who evaluates and selects teas based on their taste, aroma, and quality. They work within the tea industry to help assess teas from different regions.

17. Waterslide Tester

Granted, it may not be a dream job during January in Minnesota (if it even happens there), but joking aside, it’s hard to think of anything more fun. Waterslide testers enjoy the ride, but only as part of ensuring quality and safety. These testers travel the globe, and one tester claims a salary of $34,000 a year.

16. Island Caretaker

If island life is your dream, this is a perfect way to live your fantasy and get paid for it. Just know that it does require actual skills — like carpentry, plumbing, electrical, gardening, and landscaping.

15. Ghostwriter for Online Dating


Here’s another job most don’t know exists, but it fulfills a need! Not everyone can be amazing at crafting an online dating profile. Enter the ghostwriter, whose wonderful way with words could help the lonely find love.

14. Professional Snuggler

Some people just need a hug — enter the professional snuggle her. This is a strictly platonic job, but it pays a high salary for those who provide emotional support and physical touch to others, offering a sense of human connection that offers both comfort and relaxation.


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13. Netflix Tagger

You know all those tags you see on TV shows and movies on Netflix? Someone has to add those! The role of a Netflix tagger involves watching TV shows and movies, and then tagging them into the correct category to ensure accurate recommendations for viewers.

12. Face Feeler

This is the perfect job for a touchy-feely person! A face feeler is a scientist or sensory expert that evaluates the texture, smoothness, and feel of various products on the skin. They mainly feel the faces of people after they’ve applied skincare and beauty products. This feedback helps to increase user satisfaction and drive product development.

11. Panda Nanny

Just like it sounds, this job provides nanny services for pandas. It involves ensuring the well-being of these endangered creatures, as well as engaging in their care, participating in activities, and providing a nurturing environment. Definitely one of the MOST cool jobs.

10. Sommelier

If you love wine and consider yourself an expert, then the role of a sommelier might be perfect for you. Even better, the average pay for this job is $53,760 a year. A sommelier is responsible for curating and maintaining wine lists. They also work closely with chefs to pair wines with food.

9. Hollywood Stunt Person


If you’ve got the guts and athleticism required to take on daring feats, there’s always an opening for someone who can perform jaw-dropping stunts. The squeamish and the meek need not apply.

8. Gumologist

If you consider yourself a chewing gum aficionado, then this job is for you. It requires studying the flavors and texture of chewing gum, ensuring its quality, and working in the development of new gum products.

7. Food Stylist

Just as other stylists are concerned with looks, a food stylist has a mastery of culinary aesthetics. This job requires an artistic eye and meticulous attention to detail. These stylists make dishes look mouthwatering whether they are in advertisements, cookbooks, menus, or films.

6. Chip Inspector


We’re not talking about computer chips here, we’re talking about potato chips and other types of snack chips. A chip inspector assesses the flavor, texture, appearance, and overall quality of the chips. They also make sure the process adheres to food safety regulations.

5. Chocolate Scientist

Oh, what a sweet job this is! A chocolate scientist is a connoisseur of cocoa — but more than that, someone skilled in both chemistry and the culinary arts. Chocolate scientists experiment with new formulations, flavors, and textures to create delectable chocolates.

4. Professional Zombie

Sure, it’s not Shakespeare, but actors who are skilled at portraying the undead have found there is a widespread professional market for the role of zombie at live events, TV shows, and movies.

3. Cool Hunter

This job involves hunting for what’s “cool,” and is more than staying on top of trends. Cool Hunters have always been one step ahead of the curve. They travel the world to identify emerging fashions, technologies, and cultural movements. This is, obviously, one of the cool jobs.

2. Professional Sleeper

We already hear you asking: “Where can I sign up?” It literally fits the definition of a dream job. Professional sleepers do just that, get paid to sleep. Their role is to test the comfort and quality of sleep products, pillows, and mattresses.

1. Ice Cream Taster


Can a job get any better than this? We think not. Ice cream tasters are tasked with sampling different ice cream products and providing feedback on flavors, consistency, and sweetness.