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The Best Outdoor Dining in Each State

Eating outside is great! You get to enjoy the breeze in your hair while munching on some delicious food. If you’re looking for a great change of pace for your next dinner outing, consult this list and find the best outdoor dining experience in your state!


Image Credit: Bottega Dining Room via Instagram

Pop on over to Birmingham, Alabama to find Bottega, an upscale Italian restaurant in the American South. Bottega features Italian and Southern fusion food that goes together better than you might expect. You can eat on the patio and enjoy lanterns, potted plants, and a mystical atmosphere.


Image Credit: Knik River Lodge via Facebook

If you’re going to eat outdoors in Alaska, you want to have a killer view. That’s exactly what you get at The Raven’s Perch at Knik River Lodge in Palmer. The lodge is about an hour north of Anchorage and offers stunning vistas of snow-capped mountains and the picturesque Knik River Valley.


Image Credit: Hermosa Inn via Facebook

Arizona’s Paradise Valley is home to many wonderful restaurants, and the best outdoor dining experience there belongs to Lon’s Restaurant at the Hermosa Inn. The food pays homage to local Southwestern favorites and the patio offers a relaxing view of adobe walls, native plant life, and impeccable decorations.


Image Credit: Brave New Restaurant via Facebook

Little Rock is home to some really outstanding eateries, and Brave New Restaurant is one of the best. The restaurant sits on the Arkansas River and offers diners a chance to eat in full view of the water. In the distance, you can see the Little Rock skyline peeking over the river.


Image Credit: The Ivy Restaurants via Facebook

This is a tough one to call! There are so many great outdoor dining spots in California that you really need to get selective to choose the best. West Hollywood is home to The Ivy, a local institution that has become a favorite of celebrities and visitors alike. The outdoor dining patio has been described as “kitsch,” sporting over-the-top colors and dreamlike décor.


Image Credit: Peaks Resort and Spa via Facebook

Altezza at The Peak Resort and Spa in Telluride is the perfect place to visit after you carve up the slopes for a few hours. You’ll have certainly worked up a huge appetite, so grab some delicious food while overlooking the gorgeous mountain surroundings on Altezza’s heated patio.


Image Credit: Millwrights via Facebook

If you find yourself in New England on your next trip, check out Millwrights in Simsbury, Connecticut. You get to enjoy some phenomenal chef’s picks and drink pairings while enjoying the view of a nearby waterfall from your dining spot on a covered bridge.


Image Credit: Obie’s by the Sea via Facebook

If you’re looking for top-end dining in Delaware, you know you’re heading for the coast. Check out Obie’s by the Sea in Rehoboth Beach, an alfresco seafood restaurant right on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. You can eat outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Atlantic Ocean while chowing down on crab cakes.


Image Credit: Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

What’s better than visiting the beach? Well, dining on luxurious meals while visiting the beach. Amara at Paraiso is one of Miami’s most well-known restaurants due to its unbelievable location right on the Atlantic Ocean and its delicious menu of upscale food.


Image Credit: Canoe Atlanta via Facebook

If you travel through Atlanta and right along the banks of the legendary Chattahoochee Rivier, you’ll find an open, laid-back restaurant called Canoe. This seafood eatery sits in the middle of a manicured landscape including garden paths and amazing views of the surrounding Chattahoochee River.


Image Credit: Duke’s Beach House via Facebook

Hawaii might be the state with the best outdoor dining experience in the entire country. If you’re looking for the very best restaurant for alfresco eating, though, you’ll need to head to Duke’s Beach House in Maui, Hawaii. This relaxed, surfer-style restaurant offers amazing Pacific vistas and unrivaled seafood dishes.


Image Credit: Luke Ona Idaho via Facebook

Did you know that there was a sizable population of Basque people in Boise, Idaho? The next time you visit, check out the excellent Leku Ona restaurant and discover the amazing charms of the Basque Block while you eat under fairy lights on the cozy patio.


 Image Credit: Aba Restaurants via Facebook

When you think about eating in a big city like Chicago, the “dream” version is eating on a rooftop. That’s exactly what you can get with Aba, a rooftop restaurant with outdoor seating dotted with couches and potted plants. There are few experiences like it!


Image Credit: Bluebeard via Facebook

Indianapolis might be a bit underappreciated on a national scale, but the city is home to some of the country’s best restaurants. For instance, Bluebeard offers high-end wine, a relaxed back patio dining area, and small plates of creative modern American dishes designed for sharing.


Image Credit: Gilroy’s Kitchen via Facebook

Don’t worry, there’s no math involved at Gilroy’s Kitchen + Pub + Patio in West Des Moines. There’s just great food and a phenomenal outdoor dining experience! The deck is lit by fairy lights and the menu is defined by modern twists on classic favorites like burgers and pizzas.


Image Credit: Newport Grill Wichita via Facebook

There’s not a rich tradition of waterfront dining in the landlocked state of Kansas. That’s what makes Newport Grill in Wichita so enthralling to locals! The restaurant sits right on the banks of Bradley Fair Pond and offers both steak and seafood, bringing some coastal charm to the Heartland.


Image Credit: Holly Hill Inn via Facebook

Midway, Kentucky is home to some absolutely stellar restaurants and upscale dining experiences. Holly Hill Inn is among the best of them, offering outdoor dining around classy columns and string lights in a gorgeous, well-manicured garden. The menu is equally enchanting, including a four-course tasting menu prepared by the chef.


Image Credit: Elysian Bar New Orleans via Facebook

Don’t let the word “bar” in the name fool you, The Elysian offers some unbelievably great food to guests who want to eat in a gorgeous, converted church courtyard. The French-inspired decorations and lush potted plants give the area that classic New Orleans charm.


Image Credit: Portland Maine Lobster via Facebook

Portland is home to numerous alfresco eateries—and we don’t mean Portland, Oregon. Portland, Maine is home to DiMillo’s on the Water, a renowned seafood restaurant that serves everything from clams to Maine lobster. It’s also located inside a converted car ferry and allows diners to look out over the Atlantic ocean while they eat.


Image Credit: Carrol’s Creek via Facebook

Another coastal state, another alfresco restaurant on the water. Carrol’s Creek Café in Annapolis is located on Spa Creek, not directly on the nearby Atlantic Ocean, but still offers freshwater and saltwater dishes and delightful vistas of the beautiful inlet.


Image Credit: Fisherman’s View via Instagram

You knew when you got to the “Massachusetts” section of a list about outdoor dining that the restaurant was going to be in Cape Cod, right? Fishermen’s View in Sandwich, Massachusetts sits right on the bay and offers seafood that rivals the best dishes served anywhere in the world.


Image Credit: Pink Pony Mackinac via Facebook

One of the most well-known alfresco experiences in the US is the Pink Pony Bar and Grill within the Chippewa Hotel on Mackinac Island. The restaurant is right against Lake Huron and diners can enjoy world-class food while taking in the stunning view of the Great Lake.


Image Credit: Café and Bar Lurcat Minneapolis via Instagram

Minneapolis is home to some hip and trendy eateries, but none of them are quite as classy as Café Lurcat. This romantic spot has Greek-style decorations, a spacious outdoor patio, and numerous massive potted plants obscuring the visitors from the outside world.


Image Credit: Chimneys Restaurant via Facebook

The Southeast is known for its warm weather, great food, and romantic vistas. That’s all on display at the Chimneys Restaurant in Gulfport, Mississippi. The Southern menu includes Creole-inspired cuisine, seafood straight from the Gulf, and local favorites. The outdoor dining area offers a beautiful view of the water, too.


Image Credit: John D. McGurk’s via Facebook

When you hear about outdoor dining at an Irish pub, you might not be picturing a lush garden scene. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll find at John D. McGurk’s in Saint Louis, Missouri. This pub sports a massive outdoor dining area and three outdoor bars, making it a must-visit spot for any visitors to the city.


Image Credit: Yellowstone Valley Lodge via Facebook

Montana is a stunning state, so it’s no surprise that you can find tons of great places to eat outside. Head to Yellowstone Valley Lodge and Grill in Livingston and check out gorgeous views of the Yellowstone River while you eat bison tenderloin and enjoy delicious wine.


Image Credit: Piedmont Bistro via Facebook

The name of the game at Piedmont Bistro in Lincoln, Nebraska is “local”. The menu is built around locally sourced ingredients and presented in a classy, upscale way that speaks to the restaurant’s ethos. The outdoor dining area includes great exterior décor and will make you feel right at home even amidst the upscale dining.


Image: Alexxas Las Vegas via Facebook

What else could you ask for from a Las Vegas eatery besides a stunning view of the Strip and delicious American food? HEXX Kitchen + Bar is essentially the id of the American spirit turned into an upscale restaurant, complete with views of the Bellagio’s fountains.

New Hampshire

Image Credit: Surf Portsmouth New Hampshire via Facebook

Seafood is the focus at Surf in Portsmouth, and for good reason. The restaurant is situated next to (and nearly above) the Piscataqua River just before it meets the Atlantic. The outdoor dining area gives you phenomenal views of the river and ocean while the menu delights with world-class seafood.

New Jersey

Image Credit: Harry’s Cape May via Facebook

The Jersey Shore is a legendary strip of coast for more reasons than a terrible reality TV show. Harry’s Ocean Bar and Grille in Cape May, New Jersey will give you a great look at the laid-back sands and old-school attitude of the Jersey coast.

New Mexico

Image Credit: Farm and Table via Facebook

When you go to Farm and Table in Albuquerque, you’re going to eat food from New Mexico. The restaurant prides itself on working with local producers—and visitors can see that dedication when they arrive. The restaurant is set on a 12-acre plot of land that also houses Farm and Table’s own cows.

New York

Image Credit: Weslight via Facebook

Brooklyn offers some of the finest food in the world, and Westlight is no different. This rooftop restaurant offers diners a view of Manhattan across the East River. Westlight is fully aware of this appeal and has set up a binocular stand to give guests a better look at the distant buildings!

North Carolina

Image Credit: Omni Grove Park Inn via Facebook

Sunset Terrace got its name the honest way. The stunning restaurant within the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina sits on a vista overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains to the West. When the sun gets behind the mountains, it bathes the Sunset Terrace in warm, golden light—a sight unlike any other.

North Dakota

Image Credit: Porter Creek Hardwood Grill Fargo via Facebook

Head to Fargo, North Dakota for the state’s finest outdoor dining experience. Porter Creek has fire pits and an outdoor bar that make its outdoor patio warm and inviting. The menu includes a wide selection of wines and a Mediterranean-style assortment of dishes.


Image Credit: The Twisted Olive via Facebook

The Twisted Olive in Green, Ohio features a beautiful overlook of Southgate Park and nearby lakes. The Italian-inspired food is the perfect thing to refill after a winding walk through the park. And feel free to visit in the winter: the outdoor eating area is heated!


Image Credit: Packard’s Oklahoma City via Facebook

If you’re looking for the best alfresco dining experience in Oklahoma, you need look no further than Packard’s New American Kitchen in Oklahoma City. Packard’s features a rooftop patio replete with comfortable couches and heaters. The rooftop also offers great vistas of downtown Oklahoma City!


Image Credit: Departure Portland via Facebook

Have you ever wanted to enjoy Asian food while looking out over the Portland skyline from a rooftop? Well, that very specific desire can become a reality if you head on over to Departure Restaurant and Lounge in Portland, Oregon.


Image Credit: Black Bass Hotel via Facebook

The very creatively named Restaurant at the Black Bass Hotel in Lumberville, Pennsylvania is, well… the restaurant at the Black Bass Hotel. The views make up for the bland branding, though—the restaurant is located right on the Delaware River.

Rhode Island

Image Credit: Boat House Tiverton via Facebook

Is anyone surprised that the best outdoor dining experience in Rhode Island is waterfront? That’s right, Boat House in Tiverton offers a spacious outdoor patio for guests to dine on while they enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean. The high-end menu is only elevated by the classy surroundings!

South Carolina

Image Credit: The Jasmine Porch via Facebook

South Carolina’s unique Kiawah Island is home to delicious Lowcountry foods like crab-stuffed flounder, shrimp and grits, and fried green tomatoes. You can find all of this and more served alfresco at the delightful Jasmine Porch restaurant at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

South Dakota

Image Credit: M. B. Haskett via Facebook

Sioux Falls is home to some of the coolest spots in South Dakota, and that goes for alfresco dining too. M. B. Haskett, the hippest spot in the state, is decked in murals and staffed by some of the friendliest people in Sioux Falls.


Image Credit: Rolf and Daughters via Instagram

Nashville, Tennessee might be well-known as the central hub of country music, but it should be just as renowned for its stellar food scene. Look no further than the upscale Rolf and Daughters with its elevated patios that overlook the Music City.


Image Credit: Tillery Austin Texas via Facebook

If you’re running a restaurant located on the Colorado River, you outfit that sucker with a spacious patio dining area and stuff it with couches and fairy lights. That’s just what you do! And that’s exactly what Tillery Kitchen and Bar in Austin, Texas did. Try out their phenomenal brunch menu when you visit!


Image Credit: Tuscany Salt Lake City via Facebook

Tuscany in Salt Lake City pulls an interesting magic trick on its patrons. It transports them to rural Italy with a combination of impeccable outdoor décor and genuinely excellent Italian cuisine. The verdant potted plants and tasteful Italian-style furniture are the cherry on top.


Image Credit: Splash at the Boathouse via Facebook

Burlington, Vermont might be the most laid-back town in the continental US. Don’t believe us? Check out the exceptionally chill Splash at the Boathouse on Lake Champlain, a restaurant that welcomes visitors parking their boats at the dock to come in and grab some downright delicious seafood.


Image Credit: Virtue Feed and Grain via Facebook

Virtue Feed and Grain might sound like the name of a farm supply store but trust us when we tell you it’s a great restaurant. Alexandria, Virginia has become a heavy hitter in the world of regional restaurants, and Virtue is the latest example of this culinary excellence.


Image Credit: Westward Seattle via Facebook

Where else would Washington’s best alfresco dining experience be other than Seattle? Check out Westward, located directly on the northern shore of Lake Union. Diners can dock their boats and then hop in for a bite to eat. The patio has beachside seats, fire pits, and everything else to make you feel at home by the lake.

West Virginia

Image Credit: Adventures on the Gorge via Facebook

Smokey’s is part of the Adventures on the Gorge resort in Lansing, West Virginia. The deck is wrapped in tall trees and lit by fairy lights, offering a gorgeous view of the surrounding wilderness. The food is downright delightful, too!


Image Credit: Ishnala Supper Club via Facebook

Mirror Lake State Park in Lake Delton, Wisconsin is home to the superb Ishnala Supper Club. The restaurant sits square in the middle of the park and offers diners a stellar view of Mirror Lake. If you love the idea of eating gourmet food while surrounded by nature, this is the spot to visit!

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Image Credit: Alibi Wood Fire via Facebook

Alibi Wood Fire Pizza in Laramie, Wyoming is home to a spacious outdoor patio perfect for hip dinner hangouts. There’s a stage for musicians, fire pits for relaxing, and some genuinely phenomenal pizza that will make you want to stay and sample everything on the menu.

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