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Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Busy People 


Eating healthy on the go is easier than you think. There are simple-to-prepare foods that are easy to take with you anywhere and provide protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Here are 10 healthy snacks for busy people.

10. Fiber-Rich Dry Cereal

mixed nuts in bowl
Photo by Natsuko D’Aprile

An alternative to crunchy, high-fat, high-calorie foods is to consume fiber-rich dry cereal. Not only does it provide the daily fiber your body needs, but some cereals are also fortified with vitamins. It’s easy to transport dry cereal in a container or resealable plastic bag. Besides serving as a snack, dry cereal can also serve as an on-the-go meal.

9. Hard-Boiled Egg

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When you don’t have time to stop for a meal or need a source of on-the-go protein, it’s hard to do better than a hard-boiled egg. Besides being one of the best sources of healthy protein, eggs are high in B12 and various other vitamins. The only downside is the smell may be unpleasant for others.

8. Protein Smoothie

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A protein smoothie is a great way to boost your protein intake, as well as can serve as a meal substitute when you’re short on time. The only caveat is when not making the protein smoothie yourself, you’ll need to read the label on purchased smoothies. Some are loaded with extra sugar which can nullify the health benefits.

7. Vegetables and Hummus

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Raw vegetables are great substitutes for crunchy snacks. Snacking on vegetables is also an excellent way to squeeze in more vegetable servings to your diet. You can even buy carrots already sliced as chips. Also consider broccoli, cauliflower, and celery. If you need a dip, hummus is a great source of healthy fats that can add some extra flavor.

6. Plain Popcorn

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Popcorn gets a bad rap, but only because microwave versions include a lot of unhealthy additives, and you want to skip the butter. However, plain popcorn provides 13 grams of dietary fiber in a 100-gram serving. Consider using a silicone microwave popper to pop healthy, oil-free popcorn conveniently. Popcorn is easy to bag and take with you on the go.

5. Greek Yogurt

ice cream with sliced lemon on white ceramic plate
Photo by Daniel Cabriles

Greek yogurt is beneficial in several ways. First, it’s packed with protein, calcium, and a rich source of B vitamins, including B12. Second, Greek yogurt contains probiotics that help support a healthy balance of gut bacteria and improve the immune system. Greek yogurt is a perfect quick meal or snack.

4. Protein Bar

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Protein bars are a great way to increase your protein intake and can serve as a meal substitute when you’re short on time. Many are also fortified with extra vitamins and minerals. However, it’s critical to read the labels. Some protein bars contain added sugars that put them on par with candy bars, nullifying their healthy benefits.

3. Green Juice

green lime fruit on white textile
Photo by Christina Rumpf

Green juices are a great way to incorporate more vitamins and other nutrients into your diet. They also can substitute for the servings of vegetables you may be missing. However, unless you’re creating the juice yourself, read the labels on bottle juices. Some juices contain added sugars that can detract from their health benefits.

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2. Nuts and Seeds

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Keeping nuts and seeds handy provides a perfect remedy for quieting a grumbling stomach between meals. Nuts and seeds don’t require refrigeration and are a convenient on-the-go food to carry with you practically anywhere. They provide much-needed protein when you can’t stop for a meal break. Opt for plain, unsalted nuts and seeds when possible.

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1. Apples and Peanut Butter


This simple, delicious, and healthy snack provides a quadruple whammy of health benefits. This combination delivers healthy protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Apples deliver 5 grams of fiber, as well as vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and copper. A 2-teaspoon serving of peanut butter provides 7 grams of protein, as well as vitamin B6, niacin, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium.

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