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20 Bottled Water Brands Ranked Worst to Best

Bottled water is something most of us buy in our travels. You’ve probably heard of and likely drank many water brands on this list. Check out how these 20 brands compare in quality and price, and live up to their claims.

20. Ice Canyon Natural Spring Water

Ice Canyon Water

Ice Canyon Natural Spring Water is a CVS brand. According to reviews, it tastes neither natural nor like spring water. Instead, its taste was described as unpleasant and almost medicinal. It comes in a cheap, no-frills bottle, and the label falls off nearly immediately. A 16.9 fluid-ounce bottle retails for $1.49. 

19. PurAqua Purified Water

PurAqua Purified Water

PurAqua Purified Water is available at Aldi. Reviewers say this water has a strong mineral-forward flavor. However, the PurAqua brand is noteworthy as one of the more affordable brands on the list. A 24-pack case of 16.9 fluid-ounce bottles sells for only $3.65. That works out to roughly $0.15 per bottle.

18. Proud Source Spring Water

Proud Source Water

Proud Source Spring Water looks like a luxury brand of water thanks to its stylish and recyclable aluminum bottle. However, despite its aesthetic appeal, once opened, the lid doesn’t screw back on popularly. This renders the bottle unusable for travel. Worse, the water tastes slightly metallic. It’s also pricey. A 25.3 fluid-ounce bottle retails for $2.99.

17. Gatorade Water

Gatorade Water

Like its colorful flagship product, Gatorade claims its water also contains electrolytes. Gatorade Water’s label states it’s “unflavored,” but reviewers say this water tastes like vitamins. Released in 2024, Gatorade Water does come in an attractive, high-quality bottle. If you don’t need to refresh your electrolytes, and only need water to sip, it’s pretty pricey at $2.59 for 33.8 fluid ounces. 

16. Sam’s Purified Drinking Water

Sam's Purified Drinking Water

This store brand from Sam’s Club does deliver what most discount shoppers are looking for – a quality product at an affordable price. A 28-pack case of 20 fluid-ounce bottles sells for a mere $4.97. The bottles are decent and sturdy. The only complaint some reviewers voiced was that the water had a slight aftertaste. 

15. Pure Life


Pure Life distilled bottled water comes in a variety of sizes and is affordably priced. A 12-pack of eight fluid-ounce bottles retails for $2.62. Its flavor is described as a mildly sweet taste. Distilled water is boiled and is free of contaminants such as chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. Unfortunately, another thing distillation removes are the minerals that provide health benefits. 

14. Aquafina


If you’re looking for a pleasant, straightforward water taste, Aquafina is a solid choice. Aquafina’s flavor has made it a popular choice worldwide. Salts and chloride are removed from the water through a reverse osmosis process. The bottle is perfectly sized to fit in a car cupholder, sturdy, and easy to open. A 1-liter bottle retails for $1.78. 


Zen Water
Uber Eats

ZEN WTR claims to have the only bottle made from 100% Recycled Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic and is certified plastic-negative. Despite these claims, reviewers say the water has a mild plastic and water bottle taste. ZEN WTR comes in one of the most attractive water bottles on the market. It’s pricey at $1.99 for a 23.7 fluid-ounce bottle.

12. Great Value Hydrate Alkaline Water


Great Value is Walmart’s private label brand that delivers affordability. A 33.8 fluid-ounce bottle sells for only $1.18. It delivers a pH level of 9.5, placing it among the higher pHs of alkaline waters on the market. The EPA requires public drinking water to maintain a pH between 6.5 and 8.5. Alkaline-labeled water typically has a pH above 7. 

11. Perfect Hydration (pH)

PH Water

The Perfect Hydration (pH) brand falls in the middle among the alkalinized waters on our list. To its credit, it lacks the sharp and unpleasant flavor of lower-ranking brands. It comes in an attractive, sturdy bottle that’s easy to transport. It delivers a pH level of 9.5. Perfect Hydration (pH) is reasonably priced at $2.99 for a 1-liter bottle. 

10. Dasani

Dasani Water

Dasani purified water adds minerals for flavor. The water delivers the benefits of minerals, without a sharp or overwhelming taste. The minerals give it a mellow taste. A slight mineral flavor is something many people actually enjoy. Its label also boasts that its bottles are made from 100% recycled materials. The price is reasonable at $2.18 for a 20-fluid-ounce bottle.

9. Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water


Essentia ionized alkaline water is infused with electrolytes and is free of chlorine and fluoride, which can be present in some water. Essentia water has a very slight sweet flavor and its simple taste is its appeal. It uses ionization to turn water alkaline. It’s available in six different sizes. A 1-liter bottle retails for $1.98. 

8. Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water

Crystal Geyser

You can find Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water easily across the US. It’s popular for its straightforward taste and its affordability. It’s available in various sizes. A 1-gallon bottle sells for only $1.38, making it one of the least expensive, high-quality brands available. Plus, the company uses recycled materials for its packaging and 50% recycled material for its bottles. 

7. Eternal Natural Alkaline Spring Water

Eternal Natural Spring Water

Eternal Natural Alkaline Spring Water gets the basics right. Water with a fresh taste while avoiding any chemical flavors that seep in like competing brands. It comes in a sturdy, curvy, and ergonomically comfortable bottle to drink from. Its cost is reasonable at $2.99 for a 50.7 fluid ounce bottle. You can find Eternal Natural Alkaline Spring Water at any major retailer.

6. SmartWater


Smartwater has been popular for decades, and Jennifer Aniston’s brand ambassadorship in 2008 certainly helped. Israeli actress Gal Gadot took over the role in 2020. With a crisp, refreshing taste, Smartwater lives up to the hype. Despite the added electrolytes, it tastes like water without any unwanted flavors. A 1.5-liter bottle retails for $2.48. 

5. Ozarka Brand 100% Natural Spring Water


For flavor and affordability, it’s hard to beat Ozarka Brand 100% Natural Spring Water. The taste is simple, clean, and pure, and it avoids any unwanted or artificial undertones. This water comes from a spring in East Texas. It’s one of the least expensive brands on the top tier of the list. A six-pack of 23.7 fluid-ounce bottles costs $3.79. 

4. Just Water


Ecology bonus! Just Water is the only brand to come in a paper carton and for using materials 88% derived from plants. Plus, the smart shape prevents the container from rolling away when tipped over. Flavor-wise, it’s mostly fresh and clean. However, there is a slight papery undertone, but not necessarily unpleasant. It’s pricey at $2.29 for a 16.9 fluid-ounce carton. 

3. Core Hydration Perfectly Balanced pH Purified Water

Core Water

Core Hydration Perfectly Balanced pH Purified Water comes in an aesthetically pleasing bottle that’s comfortable and easy to drink from. The water has added minerals and electrolytes but avoids unpleasant additional flavors. The water maintains a fresh, crisp, and clean taste. Core Hydration Perfectly Balanced pH Purified Water has a reasonable price of $1.68 for a 20-fluid-ounce bottle. 

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2. Evian Natural Spring Water


Evian was founded in 1829, capturing natural spring water from sources in France. It has been one of the most popular mineral water brands for decades. Evian tastes like nothing else. The flavor is silky and smooth and simply tastes like pure water with no other unpleasant flavors. A 1-liter bottle sells for $2.99. 

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1. Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Fiji Water

Fiji Natural Artesian Water tops the list in many ways. Its minerals and electrolytes are captured naturally as it filters through volcanic rock in Fiji. This natural artesian water has a smooth, soft texture, and a pristine taste. The brand’s 500 mL and 330 mL bottles are made with 100% recycled materials. A 15.7-fluid-ounce bottle sells for $2.88. 

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