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The 20 Best Sparkling Water Brands Ranked

Drinking water is good for you, but plain water is so boring. What if you want a splash of flavor without adding a ton of calories to your water? Well, that’s what sparkling water is for. Here’s the top 20 brands of sparkling water ranked in ascending order!


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LaCroix might be the most well-known sparkling water brand due to its unique packaging. The branding on the classic sparkling water variety appeals to a wider audience than the austere and straightforward appearance of its contemporaries like Voss and Perrier.


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Waterloo is a much newer sparkling water brand, first appearing in 2017 and growing tremendously in the intervening years. The company is known for its selective flavor profile process, going so far as to even consider the lasting mouthfeel of its “original” variety—which is just carbonated water.

Castle Rock

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Castle Rock’s water is sourced from glacier springs around Mount Shasta and the company is proud of this fact. They focus much more on the water’s origins in their marketing than similar companies and only offer their sparkling water unflavored.


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Massachusetts-based Spindrift is a newer brand that sets itself apart from the sparkling water competition by using real fruit for its flavors. The company is committed to authenticity and simplicity, and its popularity has led to it being sold in retailers like Starbucks.


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Evian is a very old French brand that has been bottling water since 1829. These days, they’re owned by multinational conglomerate Danone. They source their mineral water from the southern portions of Lake Geneva and they’re known for selling water that is quite expensive.


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Some sparkling water brands aim to have a low mineral content to preserve the untouched flavor of their beverages. Gerolsteiner, on the other hand, emphasizes their sparkling water’s very high mineral content from the Volcanic Eifel region of Germany.  

Santa Vittoria

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Santa Vittoria is renowned for its preservation efforts. The company takes pains to preserve its source in Northern Italy and has taken action to offset over 46,000 tons of carbon emissions. The only drawback to this water is that it’s not available in many markets.

Poland Spring

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Let’s address the elephant in the room: Poland Spring is owned by Nestle, a conglomerate known for its wide-reaching corporate interests and environmental impact. That being said, Poland Spring is a great-tasting sparkling water brand sourced from springs in Maine.


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Pepsi seems to be aware that people are shying away from soda these days in favor of healthier alternatives. That’s where Bubly comes in! It’s Pepsi’s entrant into the sparkling water market, and it’s a downright excellent contender. The flavors are great, the packaging is eye-catching, and it’s really refreshing.

Canada Dry

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Canda Dry is a very recognizable brand that is remarkable for its small range of flavors and very crisp taste. It’s also notably much more expensive than competitors like Bubly, often costing around double! That being said, the ginger ale brand’s sparkling water offers a very unique flavor profile that fans love.


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Perrier is a very long-running French company that has been operating since 1898. The Vergèze spring that the company sources its water from is naturally sparkling. However, the process of purifying it removes the natural carbon dioxide and the drink is artificially carbonated again during the bottling process.


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Who doesn’t love a brand with an exclamation point in its name? Sap! is a Vermont-based sparkling water brand that uses, well, tree sap to sweeten its products. That means their (admittedly delicious) sparkling water has roughly 25 calories per can.

Hal’s New York

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How many times should you filter water before it’s pure enough to bottle? According to Hal’s New York brand the answer is five times. They also employ an ultraviolet treatment that eliminates the majority of bacteria and microbes before bottling. The result is undeniably clean and refreshing water.


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Texans love sparkling water, and their favorite might just be Topo Chico. Fans of this brand say it’s got a unique mouthfeel that sets it apart from competitors. The brand isn’t as carbonated as other offerings and has a sensation closer to traditional sodas, which fans might prefer over the harsher profile of other sparkling waters.

Icelandic Glacial

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The only real drawback to most sparkling water brands is that they’re somewhat acidic. Icelandic Glacial sparkling water claims that its Olfus Spring-sourced water is “naturally alkaline,” with a pH level of 8.4. The main benefit of drinking alkaline water is that it won’t quickly strip the enamel from your teeth!


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Complete with bright, retro-style packaging and completely sweetener-free ingredients, Sound is the trendiest new sparkling water on the market. They offer subtle, gentle flavors that fit into any mealtime or snack. Sound makes more than just sparkling water, too. They offer organic extracts, natural teas, and more!


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Mondariz sparkling water is a two-time recipient of the coveted diamond award from the International Taste Institute. That means the brand was awarded a three-star award in seven out of ten years in a given period—twice! That’s an extremely impressive endorsement.


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Sanzo uses atypical flavors like calamansi and yuzu that are popular in areas aside from the US and Western Europe. Refreshingly, the brand also avoids using the dreaded, vague “natural flavors” descriptors and opts to list all of its ingredients clearly on the packaging.

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Liquid Death

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Liquid Death is a very trendy sparkling water brand with distinct alternative branding and a truly stellar product. It’s sold in tallboy cans reminiscent of alcoholic drinks and is a favorite of designated drivers. Holding a can with a cool punk-rock design on it makes it easier to fit in with your friends at the bar, after all!

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San Pellegrino

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San Pellegrino is a classic for a reason. It’s simple, clean, and delicious. The brand is served alongside the main course at some of the finest restaurants in the world. It’s also got a unique flavor profile that leaves an unmistakable, almost bitter aftertaste.

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