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10 Benefits of Using a Smartwatch

Smartwatches have evolved like all other technology, going way beyond a novelty. Today’s smartwatches are loaded with features you won’t believe, and some are lifesaving. Here are 10 benefits of using a smartwatch.

10. Contactless Payment

Woman paying with smartwatch

Many smartwatches provide contactless payment so no need to reach for your wallet, phone, or payment card. Hold your wrist out and payment is a breeze. It’s also handy in case you forget your wallet or phone at home. Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin are among those who have integrated contactless payment into smartwatches.

9. Calling and Messaging

Smartwatch with smart phone.

Many smartwatches, including, Apple, Samsung, and Fossil, feature calling and messaging capabilities. The aforementioned high-end watches offer a 4G/LTE connection. Instead of SIM cards, they use eSIM technology. Web access is provided through the LTE connection. Of course, the small screen is challenging, but the capability is a convenient feature to have in a pinch or an emergency.

8. Voice Assistant

Woman checks smartwatch.

Most smartwatches now feature speakers and microphones making them compatible with all the prominent voice assistants on the market. This includes Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Samsung’s Bixby, and Amazon’s Alexa. This is a great feature to have when you need information and/or answers no matter where you are. They can also help you operate numerous Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets.

7. Fitness and Health

Synching smartwatch with laptop.

Initially, many smartwatches were geared toward fitness tracking, but have now evolved into full-fledged health tracking. Most can measure heart rate, sleep, stress, and blood oxygen. Some can measure body composition and ECG. While not a substitute for a doctor, they can indicate when you need to see one. If you’re active outdoors, choose a waterproof smartwatch.

6. Sports Tracking

Woman exercises with headphones and smartwatch.

In addition to tracking fitness and health, there are now smartwatches that were designed to be used for specific niches such as jogging, swimming, and other outdoor activities. Smartwatches made to monitor specific sports are now quite accurate and dependable. Some watches also allow you to connect to extra sensors for enhanced tracking.

5. Fall Detection and Emergency Calling

Woman using smart watch.

In addition to tracking health and fitness, most smartwatches now include a fall detection feature. This is great for the elderly, disabled, or children. When a user falls and does not reply to the alarm, the watch will send a message with their current location to a list of family members or friends. This lifesaving future alone can be a major reason to invest in a smartwatch.

4. GPS Navigation

Map on a smartwatch

There are many times when it’s not convenient to have your phone out but you still need GPS navigation. Smartwatches today can provide turn-by-turn navigation. This is a perfect solution for runners, hikers, cyclists, kayakers, and more. Having a smartwatch on your wrist to provide navigation keeps your hands free to do what you need without holding onto a phone.


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3. Music or Audiobook Player

Woman with headphones on checks pulse with smartphone

No need to have your phone or a separate MP3 player to listen to music or books. Smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, have 32GB of storage to hold a huge MP3 catalog. Many also have streaming services built-in. So, you can get your music or audiobooks either way. Connect to your earbuds with Bluetooth.

2. Advanced Notifications

Two black women, one checks smartwatch.

By connecting your smartphone to your smartwatches via Bluetooth you can take advantage of advanced notification options. With this feature, you specify which notifications get sent to your smartwatch. This includes both phone and social media alerts. You won’t lose messages on your phone, but you will receive the duplicate notifications you wish to receive on your smartwatch.

1. Fashion Statement

Woman checking smartphone at night

Traditional watches have been more than a timepiece, they have been a fashion statement. Smartwatches are no different. The Quick-release system of the bands allows you to easily swap them out. Some smartwatches are sold purely as fashion pieces more so than for their features. This includes brands like Emporio Armani, Diesel, Skagen Falster, and Puma.

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