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The 5 Best Smartphones Available Right Now

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In a world where technology advances faster than ever, having a powerful and reliable smartphone is essential. The perfect device can make or break your mobile experience. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the top five best smartphones of 2023 — so that you can find one that meets all of your needs! 

Read on to discover what these devices have to offer, their key features, and whether any are right for you.

1. iPhone 14 Pro

The Undisputed Champion

The standard iPhone 14 brings little change compared to the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 14 Pro takes a significant leap forward. While some updates are superficial, the introduction of Dynamic Island is hard to miss.

Apple has cleverly redesigned the screen notch to be pill-shaped and circular, filling the unused space with black pixels. Notifications and updates from apps now appear from this area, making good use of the camera cutouts typically found on phone screens. This means you can always see your music playback, timers, weather, and more at the top of the screen, without opening the app.

The phone’s camera is also impressive, boasting a 48MP sensor, allowing for 2x zoom cropping alongside the 3x telephoto lens and capable ultrawide angle lens. Finally, Apple has introduced an always-on display that dims the lock screen without draining much battery life, based on our testing. While it might not be a massive upgrade if you already own the 13 Pro, if you’re using a three or four-year-old phone, this iPhone will make you feel like you’ve jumped ahead into the future.

2. Google Pixel 7

Value and Performance


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The Google Pixel 7 is hands down the ultimate phone choice for most people. Priced at just $599, it offers unbeatable value with its top-notch features.

With a stunning 6.3in 90Hz OLED display, Android 13 software that’s vibrant and customizable, and a sleek glass design with wireless charging, this phone is a showstopper. Not to mention, the main and ultrawide cameras on the back are simply outstanding. Thanks to the 50Mp sensor and Google’s impressive photo processing, every photo is a masterpiece.

But that’s not all. The Pixel 7 also comes packed with fun software tricks like Magic Eraser which magically removes unwanted elements from photos. And let’s not forget about the exclusive Pixel features, including call screening and call holding to spare you from lengthy waits with businesses (note: some call perks are only available in the US).

Suppose you crave an even larger display, improved battery life, and an additional optical telephoto zoom lens. In that case, you might want to consider the Pixel 7 Pro.

3. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

If you’re looking for the ultimate phone on the market packed with the most cutting-edge features, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is your go-to option. It may come with a hefty price tag, but you’ll get every desirable feature you could want from a smartphone in 2023. Its triple cameras capture incredible photos, the battery life lasts well over a day, and the performance is lightning-fast, surpassing any rival phone. And let’s not forget about the S-Pen stylus, unique and conveniently tucked away in the phone for whenever you need it.

The squared-off body and screen are what sets it apart, which may not be shared among other phones. However, it feels great in your hand thanks to its top-notch build quality, nicely tapered edges, and impressive screen. Speaking of the screen, it delivers the best viewing experience in any phone, perfect for every app you throw at it and exceptional for watching videos.

The outstanding 200MP primary camera produces stunning photos, especially if you prefer slightly vibrant and eye-catching colors that pop. That said, the quality remains superb with the added versatility of an ultrawide lens, along with excellent 3x and 10x optical telephoto lenses. The only downside is the selfie camera, which performs poorly in low-light conditions.

4. Google Pixel 7a

Best Value

The Google Pixel 7a is an impressive phone that combines the best features of the Pixel 6a, such as an outstanding camera, reliable performance, and extended software support. It offers even more value with enhancements like a smoother 90Hz screen and a more premium design. While it may be slightly pricier at $499, it remains one of the most affordable phones considering the minimal compromises compared to the $899 Pixel 7 Pro. Additionally, its smaller 6.1-in display makes it easier to handle and carry, especially when compared to larger phones. The Pixel 7a also shares the advanced Tensor G2 chipset with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

When it comes to photography, the 64Mp primary camera truly stands out. It captures exceptional still images, surpassing other phones in its price range and competing with more expensive options. You can select from playful blue and coral colors or classic white or black.

Although the charging speed is a bit slow and wireless charging can be unreliable based on our tests, the Pixel 7a delivers in all other aspects. It offers a fantastic all-around experience and comes with the added benefit of five years of software support, highlighting its overall value.

5. OnePlus 11

Packs a Punch

OnePlus has done it all with the OnePlus 11, presenting a fully-loaded premium smartphone at an incredible price. Priced at $699, the only things it’s missing out on are wireless charging and full waterproofing (though we’re more upset about the latter than the former).

But if you can live without those extra perks, you’ll have a phone that checks off all the other boxes. It’s incredibly fast, boasts a fantastic display, and sports powerful cameras, including an impressive 50Mp main lens. Plus, you’ll receive four years of Android updates and five years of security updates, which is only matched by Samsung and Fairphone in the Android world (iPhones still lead the pack with over five years of software support).

Despite its 6.7-in screen, the OnePlus 11 remains slim and sleek, something that can’t be said for most large phones. You can choose between the glossy green model or the black version with a smooth, almost silk-like finish on the back glass. Not only does it repel fingerprints, but it’s also one of the most slippery phones out there.

As long as you can tolerate the slightly different and sometimes unnecessary changes to Android in the newer version of OxygenOS, you’ll find that this phone is truly worth the price. It’s an excellent investment if you can make it last five years and get the most out of it.

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