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The 15 Best Movies Coming to Netflix this Summer

Summer is well and truly upon us, which means it’s time to beat the heat by staying in and watching some stellar new movies on Netflix. Here are the 15 coolest movies to hit the streaming platform in the next few months, so get your popcorn ready!

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors

A screenshot from Mysteries of the Terra Cotta Warriors

Image Credit: Netflix

The tomb of Emperor Qin is one of the most fascinating ancient historical sites in the world. The emperor commissioned the creation of countless terracotta warriors to stand guard over his final resting place. This new documentary, which arrives on June 12, will explore the fascinating burial complex.

Ultraman: Rising

A screenshot from Ultraman: Rising

Image Credit: Netflix

Ultraman fans are thrilled to see the arrival of a new animated film on Netflix on June 14. The giant robot film centers on baseball star Ken Sato, who takes up the role of Ultraman to stop rampant kaiju attacks. Things go sideways when he has to adopt a baby kaiju who needs his mentorship.

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution

A screenshot from Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution

Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix is making up for some earlier missteps this Pride Month by releasing Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution on June 18. This documentary focuses on the role of LGBTQ+ stand-up comedians, the impact of stand-up in advocating for social reform, and the ways that humor can help people change the world.

Black Barbie

A screenshot from Black Barbie

Image Credit: Netflix

The aptly named Black Barbie hits Netflix on June 19 and tells the story of the first black Barbie dolls released by Mattel. The documentary tracks the story of Kitty Black Perkins, Beulah Mae Mitchell, and Stacey McBridge-Irby and the way their work created the iconic and inclusive line of dolls.

Trigger Warning

A screenshot from Trigger Warning

Image Credit: Netflix

The unfortunately named Trigger Warning hits Netflix on June 21 and stars Jessica Alba as a Special Forces soldier. The explosive narrative kicks off when Alba’s character inherits her father’s bar and has to face off against a violent gang. You can probably tell from the film’s title what the tone of the violent action will be.

A Family Affair

A screenshot from A Family Affair

Image Credit: Netflix

A thorny romantic entanglement lies at the heart of A Family Affair, which launches on the streaming platform on June 28. The narrative centers on Zara, a personal assistant to a Hollywood star who she discovers is in a secret relationship with her mom, Brooke.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Image Credit: Netflix

On July 3, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F comes to Netflix exclusively. Axel F is the long-awaited fourth entry in the beloved series and sees Eddie Murphy reprising his role as the title character, Axel Foley, and this time he’s joined by Taylour Paige and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Find Me Falling

A screenshot from Find Me Falling

Image Credit: Netflix

Are rom-coms just back now? Find Me Falling lands on Netflix on July 19 and concerns a washed-up former rocker named John Allman. John wants to reclaim his magic and moves to Cyprus to go incognito, but he’s surprised when he’s recognized by a familiar face from his past.

Skywalkers: A Love Story

A screenshot from Skywalkers: A Love Story

Image Credit: Netflix

The gravity-defying documentary Skywalkers: A Love Story follows couple Angela Nikolau and Ivan Beerkus as they navigate a tumultuous relationship and sky-high acrobatics. Their journey to climb the second-tallest skyscraper in the world and alight on its spire mirrors their attempts to take their relationship to new heights.

Mountain Queen: The Summits of Lhakpa Sherpa

A screenshot from Mountain Queen: The Summits of Lhakpa Sherpa

Image Credit: Netflix

The upcoming documentary film Mountain Queen: The Summits of Lhakpa Sherpa will debut on Netflix on July 31. This inspiring movie follows Lhakpa Sherpa, the first Nepali woman to summit Everest, as she returns to the mountain to make another attempt.

Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie

A screenshot from Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie

Image Credit: Netflix

An upcoming CG SpongeBob spin-off will premiere on Netflix on August 2. This one stars the Texan squirrel Sandy Cheeks as she and her pal SpongeBob take on villains who have plucked Bikini Bottom from the ocean floor and taken them to Texas.


Image Credit: Netflix

Documentary film Daughters focuses on Aubrey, Santana, Raziah, and Ja’Ana and the impact their fathers’ incarcerations have had on their lives. The girls prepare for a Daddy Daughter Dance with the men they’ve mainly seen in virtual visits and speak openly about the impacts of their absence. The film releases on Netflix on August 14.

The Union

A screenshot from The Union

Image Credit: Netflix

Do you need more Mark Wahlberg in your life? He stars in The Union, which will launch on Netflix on August 16. Wahlberg plays a construction worker who lives in New Jersey and gets hired by his former girlfriend (played by Halle Berry) for a dangerous spy mission in Europe.

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Secret Lives of Orangutans

A screenshot from Secret Lives of Orangutans

Image Credit: Netflix

This documentary on one of humanity’s closest cousins is narrated by David Attenborough and will debut on the streaming platform on August 22. The film crew tracks a group of orangutans who live in the Sumatran jungles, with special focus given to an 8-year-old ape named Eden.

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Apollo 13: Survival

Image via Openverse

This documentary, which lands on September 5 on Netflix, follows the exploits of NASA scientists and the crew of the Apollo 13 vessel during a tricky sequence of events. The crew of the ship was in mortal peril when an oxygen tank exploded halfway to the moon.

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