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10 Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Person in Your Life

Is someone on your holiday gift list super outdoorsy? It doesn’t matter if they camp, hike, backpack, picnic, or all of the above — the internet is FULL of amazing gift ideas for people who like to wander around in nature.

And luckily for you, you don’t even have to search that hard. We’ve found 10 delightful gift ideas for the outdoors(wo)man on your list. And they’re all just a click away!

You ready? Let’s dive in!

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Stanley Adventure Nesting Two Cup Cookset

Because Some Campers Are Bougie


I think it’s safe to say that Stanley is having a moment. You can’t open up Insta without seeing a woman carrying her water around in a tumbler that’s half her height. Well, good news! Stanley makes some of the best camping equipment, and you can’t go wrong with this nesting cook set.

It’s lightweight and very portable, which makes it ideal for the great outdoors. The stainless steel cup can be set directly in the fire to cook food, make coffee, or just boil water. And the locking handle gives you extra stability when you’re negotiating those flames.

“I can’t believe I’ve never come across this set before now, but I haven’t. And I also can’t believe how absolutely perfect this set is for a minimalist expeditioner, at such an unbelievably low cost. The price is fair as-is, but I would expect it to cost three times as much since inferior designed sets by well-known ultralight brands usually cost a lot more, and since the price of stainless steel has gone up so much in recent years.”

MOICO Long Range Walkie Talkies

Because the Cell Service is Nonexistant


You know what my least favorite part of camping is? Having to pee in the middle of the night and making my way to the nearest camp restroom. You know what’s a close second? When there’s no cell service, which suddenly makes that situation feel like I’m in a campy (heyoooo) 80s horror flick.


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Enter these convenient and adorable little gadgets. Keep track of other members of your party, message someone to come meet you at a breathtaking overlook, or just feel more secure when you wander away from camp. Some reviews even talk about using them in crowded supermarkets or on cruise ships! They have a hands-free mode and a communication range of up to three miles. Total no-brainer.

“These walkie talkies work great. My kids were so happy to get them and use them quite often. Battery life is solid, color (orange) is fun so we dont lose them too often. We tested them out and they had range from our house all the way to the school near us, down a hill about 1/3 mile away with plenty of trees. If we ever need other ones or a present for someone, we’ll be buying these again!”

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Because You Want That Glamping Experience


Some people love staying busy on a campsite. Constantly searching for kindling, tending a fire, and keeping the hot meals coming gives them a sense of purpose. (I live with one of these magical unicorns.) The rest of us? We just wanna relax and soak in the peace and quiet. And this hammock is here for the rest of us.

Grab a book, throw on some music, and bask in the surprising comfort of a Wise Owl camp hammock. It’s light, portable, easy to set up, and I swear you’ll want to sleep in it. There’s a single (holds up to 400 lbs.) and a double (holds two people up to 500 lbs.) option.

“Everything’s great start to finish, great price, packs small, comfortable (it was a 5 man free for all fighting over whose turn it was). The stability was overall very good… I can attest it stood up to repeated use by a 260 lbs football player for 5 days of use and a couple hours of rain. Doesn’t have the longest straps in the world but is still fairly versatile , you may need to be a bit creative with how you sling it but the straps have good traction on a tree. No reasonable complaints considering the price.”

VILLEY Portable Camping Side Table

Because There Are Never Enough Surfaces


If you’re well equipped, you can make culinary magic on a campsite. But one thing you can never seem to have enough of is surfaces. The key is to find products that are fully functional yet also lightweight and portable enough to not take up too much room amongst your gear.

The Villey portable camping side table does just that. When set up it can hold up to 66 lbs and even offers a storage area under the table top. When you’re ready to go, the tabletop folds up accordion style and the whole thing packs down to a small storage bag weighing 4.18 lbs.

“Got this to put in two room tent in case it rained and we needed to kill time inside. Sitting on an air mattress to play cards or board games is not fun when you are older than 25. Turns out this is perfect as a side table outside when sitting around the campfire too. Put it between two camp chairs and it quickly filled up with stuff that would have gone on the ground. I got the medium one and it is the perfect size to use with a camp chair. Love that it quickly folds up into a small bag. Probably will get another one they are so useful.”

Ayaport Campsite Storage Strap

Because Some Campers Are Virgos


Along the same lines as our previous rec, this one helps to clear off surfaces in your campsite by hanging your essentials from a nylon strap. This could sound a bit fussy for a family camping trip, but then again some of us thrive in chaos and some definitely do not.

Whether used for car camping, glamping, or even backpacking, this ultra-convenient and easy-to-set-up system comes with strong metal buckles, a 20-foot strap, 20 loops and multiple camping hooks. This allows you to get all of your essentials off the ground in an organized manner.

“Used this for camping personally and field time in the military. It was extremely useful and held up amazingly. No loose threads or issues with fraying. Was able to snap a lot of gear on it and it is pretty simple to put up and down. It comes with everything you need. Love it!”

LifeStraw Peak Series Personal Water Filter

Because Your Plans Don’t Include Parasites


Suitable for those serious backpackers and hikers out there — but small and convenient enough for anyone’s stocking — The LifeStraw does exactly what it sounds like it would do. If you’re running low on drinking water, you can instantly purify water from natural sources in your environment.

According to LifeStraw this product protects against 99.999999% of bacteria (including E.coli, Salmonella), 99.999% of parasites (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), 99.999% of microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness. It can be used on its own or attached to a water bottle for your convenience. And its long-lasting membrane microfilter will last up to 1,000 gallons (or 4,000 L) of water. That’s enough drinking water for an individual for over 5 years!

“Using it is a breeze. Just stick one end in the water source, sip from the other end, and voila, clean water! No pumping, no batteries, and no complicated setup. It’s like using a regular straw… Overall, this LifeStraw filter is a lifesaver. It gives you peace of mind when you’re out in the wild, and you never have to lug around heavy water bottles. If you’re into hiking, camping, or traveling, this is a must-have. Happy sipping!”

FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids Camping Gear Set

Because You’re Bringing ‘Em up Right


Some kids emerge from the womb ready to explore the great outdoors. And some of us refused to step on wet grass until we were three years old. Instill a love of outdoor adventuring from a young age with this absolutely adorable camping play set from Fun Little Toys.

The set includes a battery-powered “gas” stove and oil lamp, binoculars, utility knife, multifunctional whistle/flashlight, cooking pan, plates, shovel, easy to set up pop-up tent, play food and more. It has a total of 17 items, perfect for the burgeoning campers in your life.

“My twin grandsons loved this big tent and all the fun light up camping accessories it came with! The tent is nice and large enough for both of them! Great purchase, highly recommend.”

“It pops up in less than ten seconds and its easy to fold back up and put away. I will be keeping this in my car so that when i go to the beach or a football game with my tots they will have some shade.”

Anourney Pocket Binoculars

Because You Never Know What You’ll See


One of the best things about camping or hiking is catching a glimpse of wildlife that you don’t usually see on your home turf. Is that a hawk or an eagle flying overhead? Was that an otter in that stream? Did I just hear a heard of wildebeasts, or was that the kids at the next campsite?

Obviously, binoculars are always a safe bet when you’re packing for an outdoor adventure. The thing is, they can be heavy and a bit fragile. But these handy-dandy little guys are durable, slip-proof, lightweight, easy to focus, and they fold up small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Great for adults, but you’ll feel confident handing them over to your littles as well.

“I wanted some relatively wide-angled binoculars for sporting and music events (and didn’t want to have to buy those silly-looking opera glasses with fake gold chains). They are very compact (as shown in the item description photos), and wide enough for my purposes. Lightweight, too. Good value.”

Haplululy Camping Essentials Cooking Gear

Because When We Camp… We Feast


This set has everything (cue Stefon voice). The pack is super sturdy nylon, and honestly, it would make an awesome bag if it came by itself. But then you open it. I still don’t understand how they pack everything in there so perfectly. If the food is your favorite part of camping, behold — your holy grail. There’s even a cutting board!!

There are SIXTEEN camping and cooking tools packed in this set. You get a storage bag, a chopping board, a barbecue fork, a bottle opener, non-slip gloves, a cleaning towel, a spatula, a bread clip, a chef knife, tablewear utensils, and more. The items are made of food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.

“Love every single thing about this. The bag is cute too. Has a lot of things in it stored right at your fingertips. The knife is super sharp too. Easy to keep everything together in one place. It’s a great addition to my camp kitchen.”

FREE SOLDIER Multifunctional Camping Tarp

Because Some Campers Just Wanna Rough It


Dear reader, is there someone on your list who would describe car camping as “cute?” You know the type — a lifelong gir or boy scout who fantasies about hiking the Appalachian Trail on their own, channeling some serious John Muir-style self-sufficiency through solitude?

Well, for that special Ron Swanson in your life, I present to you… a tarp. But not just any tarp. This multi-functional, water-proof camping tarp comes with 4 nylon guy lines with tensioners and 1 ultra-convenient stuff sack. Use it as a rain fly for your tent or hammock, a camping mat, or — if you’re bare-bonesing it — a shelter in itself.

“This thing is soooo much more product than the money spent to acquire it! I’m tickled to pieces about this purchase, as theres nothing better for an outdoorsman, than a good, reliable, durable, sizeable & reasonably lightweight shelter system. THIS… is the goods! I love it & there isn’t more to tell. That’s it! Go and getchu one. Serious. (three thumbs up… Cause two just doesn’t do it enough justice)”