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10 Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

Avoiding negativity is a common way of perking up a relationship that’s lost its spark. However, studies have found that focusing on and maximizing the positive works even better. Here are 10 ways to rekindle your relationship!

10. Practice Gratitude

couple toasting

Gratitude is one way we remember and appreciate all of the good qualities our partners have. It makes us attend to our partners more simply out of appreciation. In one study of cohabitating couples, researchers found that when one partner expressed more gratitude, it made the other feel more satisfied with the relationship.

9. Be Playful

playful couple

Playfulness can interrupt the patterns and drudgery of a busy life and responsibilities. Cracking jokes, gently teasing one another, and even using silly nicknames can keep the atmosphere light. Studies have shown playful couples are happier. Rather than more intense communication, studies also found playfulness achieves more peaceful resolutions to conflict. 

8. Celebrate the Good Things

couple celebrating with sparklers

Partners support one another through tough times, but they often don’t celebrate the good things enough. Don’t limit yourself to the big events. No matter how big or small, make mountains out of molehills and celebrate good news and all of each other’s successes. Cheer your partner on and give them compliments for all the good things they do.

7. Idealize Your Partner

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One study found that the most satisfied couples were those in which one partner rated the other more highly than they did themselves. The best way to idealize your partner is to concentrate on what you like about them and focus less on the negative. Put them on a pedestal.

6. Look to Your Partner to Find Your Ideal Self

asian couple at train station

The best place to develop your ideal self might be found within your partner. After listing your personal goals, think about the qualities you admire most in your partner. Look for overlap between your aspirations and what you appreciate most about them. Ask your partner to help you improve in those areas. It’s bound to bring you both closer.

5. Notice and Praise What’s New About Your Partner

couple giggling while they kiss

Many relationships reach a point where couples go through the motions. But partners need praise. And that requires paying attention. Notice what’s new about your partner and surprise them by complimenting them on it. It reinforces the feeling that they are being “seen.” Paying attention and noticing your partner will help improve your engagement as a couple.

4. Write Love Notes to Your Partner

love note stuck to mirror

Valentine’s Day and anniversaries aren’t the only time to express your feelings for your partner. Little notes, in any form, are great ways to keep the spark hot by expressing warm feelings, fondness, and appreciation. It takes little time to scribble a note or send off a text. Bonus points for scribing a full love letter!


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3. Give Your Partner “Invisible” Support

couple piggy back ridecouple piggy back ride

“Invisible” support is doing things to help your partner without announcing them beforehand. Hidden acts of kindness. Making your partner’s life easier. Helping with duties without being asked, especially those your partner usually handles. Stepping up to alleviate a bottleneck you see coming and taking the pressure off your partner.

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2. Be Touchy-Feely

multiracial couple canoodling

Although regular intimacy does improve satisfaction and well-being in a relationship, physical touch in general matters greatly. It can be as simple as laying your hand on top of your partner’s during a conversation. Likewise, studies have shown that physical closeness can provide a similar beneficial connection with your partner even when you don’t have the time or energy for sexual intimacy.

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1. Practice Self-Care for the Relationship

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While it’s important to focus on your partner in a relationship, is equally important to focus on self-care. Taking care of yourself is taking care of the relationship. It’s important to take positive action for your own life, regardless of what your partner is doing. Practicing self-care takes the pressure off the relationship as your sole source of happiness.

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