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10 Old School Skills Every Modern Kid Should Know

Modern conveniences are something to appreciate, but not when they come at the expense of losing valuable life skills. Not only will these ten old-school skills help kids in a variety of situations, but they could even be used to earn money!

10. Home-Improvement Skills

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When things break around the house, you can’t always wait for someone else to fix it. And little fixes can be expensive even with an affordable handyman. Things like replacing cabinet hardware or a toilet handle, floater, or flapper are easy. Learning home-improvement skills will come in handy throughout life.

9. D.I.Y. Building Projects

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Concepts and skills kids learn through simple craft projects at school can be expanded upon as they learn how to build bigger, more useful things. Try to get your kids involved in projects that familiarize them with basic tools and hardware. Kids should learn about hammers, nails, screwdrivers, screws, saws, etc. Perhaps start with a birdhouse or a small stepstool.

8. Homemaking

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“Homemaking” is used as a catchall phrase to describe various skills in managing a house. These skills apply equally to boys and girls. Kids should learn how to do housecleaning, organize, do laundry, and do simple routine home maintenance. This should include deep cleaning tasks like the oven, as well as knowing what to do with a slow drain or toilet clog.

7. Caring for Animals

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If you have pets, you should teach your kids every aspect of basic care for them. Proper feeding, grooming, cleanup, safety, what to do when they’re sick, and things to watch out for. In addition, take your kids to a farm or state fair where they can gain knowledge of how complex animal care can be.

6. Basic Car Maintenance and Repair

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These days, cars are more difficult to repair yourself than in the past. Nonetheless, many basics are the same. Checking the oil level. Keeping proper tire pressure. Learning to change a tire. Monitoring and changing windshield wipers. Checking the radiator’s water/coolant level. What to do and not to do when the car overheats. How to jumpstart a battery.

5. Acquiring Food in the Wild

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The idea of fishing, hunting, and gathering may not appeal to those who are dedicated vegetarians and/or animal lovers. Nonetheless, such skills can mean life and death in a survival situation. At a minimum, kids should learn what foods are edible in the wild that they can gather. Berries, nuts, seeds, roots, etc. Likewise, they should learn what to avoid.

4. Gardening

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Learning gardening skills has a twofold benefit. Kids learn how to grow food. They’ll also learn how to care for plants and flowers to improve the look of their future homes. Take your kids to a botanical garden, an orchard, and a functioning farm. This will help them see the full range of what caring for and growing plants entails.


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3. Sewing

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Many people today throw clothes away when they rip or tear simply because they don’t know how to repair them. Teaching your kids this valuable skill eliminates wastefulness. You can also teach them how to use sewing to make toys, decor, and even clothes from materials. This can be a great side hustle to earn extra money for them, too!

2. Camping

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The threat of a natural disaster damaging your home is very real in many areas. Camping is a necessary skill that teaches kids how to survive outdoors. Teach your kids how to set up a tent, start a fire, find/purify drinking water, recognize harmful plants, and identify animal tracks. The Boy and Girl Scouts are also a great way to gain knowledge.

1. Cooking

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In the age of drive-thrus and delivery, cooking food has become a lost art. Even at home, many people eat frozen prepared foods or use devices like instant pots. Kids need to learn how to cook from scratch both indoors and outdoors. Teach them about dry goods and foods that last the longest in case of a power failure.