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The Most Popular Cryptid in Every State

Every corner of the US has its legends. Many focus on cryptids, which are animal monsters that some believe exist in the wild. According to Google search volume, these are the most popular cryptids in every state and DC.

22. Mothman

Creepy pale humanoid with glowing red eyes and wings

State: West Virginia

Mothman was first reported in West Virginia’s Point Pleasant Register in 1966, describing a “slender, muscular man” standing seven feet tall with white wings. Later, two firemen described it as a “large bird with red eyes.” John Keel’s book The Mothman Prophecies related paranormal events to the sightings and a connection to the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge.

21. Yeti

State: Colorado

Colorado is an area with a lot of mountains, so it makes sense for people there to be interested in the Yeti. This ape-like creature is purported to inhabit the Himalayas in Asia. It’s described as large, bipedal, and covered with brown, gray, or white hair, and having large, sharp teeth. The Yeti is often compared to Bigfoot.

20. Jersey Devil

A devil like creature with wings and horns

State: New Jersey

The legend of the Jersey Devil, also called the Leeds Devil, originated in 1735. It’s described as a flying biped. It’s often described as being kangaroo-like with a horse- or goat-like head and leathery bat-like wings and horns. It has small arms, clawed hands, legs with cloven hooves, and a forked or pointed tail. It emits a high-pitched, bloodcurdling scream.

19. Skunk Ape

A skunk ape in a Florida swamp

State: Florida


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Sometimes called the smaller cousin of Bigfoot, the Skunk Ape is reportedly a 5 to 7-foot tall, hairy, bipedal human or ape-like creature. It is said to inhabit the forest and swamps of the southeastern United States, particularly Florida. Skunk Ape is said to have mottled reddish-brown hair and emits a foul odor similar to a skunk.

18. Batsquatch

The Batsquatch

State: Oregon

Batsquatch is a cross between a bat and a Sasquatch. It has a dog-like muzzle, bird-like feet, blue fur, sharp teeth, and yellow eyes, and stands 9 feet tall. Its leathery bat-like wings span up to 50 feet. Tales of its origin vary. Some say it first was spotted flying around following the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption.

17. Fouke Monster (Boggy Creek Monster)

The Boggy Creek Monster

State: Arkansas

The Fouke Monster, or Boggy Creek Monster, is an ape-like creature similar to Bigfoot. Sightings occurred in the early 1970s in Fouke, Arkansas, prompting the hit 1972 film The Legend Of Boggy Creek. It’s described as a large, bipedal creature with long, dark hair, standing seven feet tall and weighing anywhere from 250-800 pounds, and having a terrible skunk-like odor.

16. Snallygaster

The Snallygaster cryptid

State: District of Columbia

The Snallygaster from American folklore is a bird-reptile chimera. Early sightings occurred in Frederick County, Maryland. The Snallygaster is described as being half-reptile, half-bird, with a metallic beak lined with razor-sharp teeth and sometimes octopus-like tentacles. Snallygasters silently descend from the sky, swoop up, and carry away victims. People painted their barns with seven-pointed stars to keep Snallygasters away.

15. Michigan Dogman

The Michigan Dogman cryptid

State: Michigan

The Michigan Dogman was sighted in 1887 in Wexford County by two lumberjacks. This creature is described as a seven-foot tall, bipedal, canine-like animal with the torso of a man and a dog’s head with blue or amber eyes. In 1937, a man said five dogs attacked him and that one dog walked on two legs.

14. Loveland Frog

The Loveland Frog cryptid

State: Ohio

In 1955, an Ohio businessman spotted and described three frog-like figures about 3-4 feet tall, with frog faces and leathery skin, standing on hind legs along the roadside. In 1972, a police officer spotted the creature. Another officer spotted it two weeks later and shot the animal. He described it as a 3-4 foot iguana missing its tail.

13. Ogopogo

The ogopogo cryptid

State: South Dakota

The Ogopogo is a sea monster inhabiting Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. It’s believed the legend derives from First Nations folklore. It’s described as a serpentine creature, with smooth dark skin, and a large body thicker than a telephone pole, spanning 49 feet in length. Ogopogo moves through the water at incredible speeds, propelling by its tail.

12. Kraken

The Kraken sea monster cryptid

State: Washington

The Kraken is a legendary, many-armed sea monster somewhat similar to a colossal octopus or giant squid (said to grow between 40-50 feet in length). Some have also described them as similar to huge lobsters. They are reportedly humongous creatures. Sailors say they appear in the sea between Norway and Iceland. Legends tell of giant Kraken pulling down ships. 

11. Yowie

The Yowie cryptid

State: Nebraska

The Yowie is one of several names for this entity of Australian folklore that reportedly lives in the Outback. In the 1850s, reports surfaced of indigenous apes. The Yowie is described as a bipedal, hairy, ape-like creature standing 7 feet tall with very large feet. Reports are contradictory, describing the Yowie as shy, while others report violence and aggressiveness.

10. Skinwalker

The Navajo Skinwalker cryptid

State: Utah

Originating in Navajo culture, a Skinwalker is a dangerous witch who can shape-shift into people or animals. They can also possess people or animals and walk around in their bodies. Skinwalkers represent the antithesis of Navajo values and are associated with death or bad omens. They often appear as tricksters, such as coyotes or other creatures.

9. Pukwudgie

The Pukwudgie cryptid

States: Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Originating in Wampanoag folklore, a Pukwudgie is a human-like creature that can appear and disappear at will. Pukwudgies can also shapeshift, most commonly into a half-human, half-troll creature that looks like a porcupine from behind. It walks upright and lures people to their deaths. It also uses poison arrows, magic, and fire.

8. Mokele-mbembie

The Mokele-mbembie cryptid

States: Connecticut, Tennessee

The Bantu peoples of Africa speak of the Mokele-mbembe, a water-dwelling entity believed to exist in the Congo River basin. It’s a large, quadrupedal herbivore with smooth skin, a long neck, and a single tooth or horn, similar to the extinct dinosaur sauropods. Scientists believe Mokele-mbembe are rhinos that may have lived in the area long ago.

7. Dover Demon

Creepy gray alien with large black eyes

States: New Hampshire, Maine

The Dover Demon was sighted over two nights in Dover, Massachusetts, on April 21-22, 1977, in separate incidences by three teenagers. All described the creature as similar to that of an alien gray with “tendril-like fingers” and glowing eyes. All three teenagers drew similar-looking sketches. Plotted on a map, the sightings lay in a straight line over 2 miles.

6. Wendigo

A Wendigo crypid

States: Wisconsin, Minnesota

The Wendigo originates from Algonquin folklore as an evil or malevolent spirit that possesses humans. Wendigo causes its victims to experience insatiable hunger, including the desire to murder and eat other humans. It’s depicted as a giant humanoid creature with a heart of ice. A foul stench or a sudden unseasonable chill signals the presence of a Wendigo.

5. Thunderbird

The Thunderbird cryptid

States: Arizona, North Dakota

The indigenous peoples of North America speak of the Thunderbird, a supernatural being that can create thunder by flapping its wings and lightning by flashing its eyes. Thunderbirds are said to control the upper world. Nuances regarding Thunderbirds and their behaviors vary among different tribes. It’s often depicted as a spreadeagled bird with the head side profile.

4. Bigfoot (Sasquatch)

A tall hairy ape-like humanoid in a dark forest

States: Idaho, Wyoming, Montana

Bigfoot, also commonly called Sasquatch, is the source of many legends in North America, particularly in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. It refers to a 10 to 15-foot tall, muscular, hairy creature that seems to be part-human, part-ape. There have been numerous alleged sightings, photos, videos, audio, hair samples, and footprint casts. Science has debunked each one.

3. Werewolf

A werewolf howling at the moon

States: Alabama, Alaska, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana

A werewolf suffers from an affliction called lycanthropy, which causes the individual to shape-shift into a wolflike creature. Transformations occur during a full moon. In a state of trance, the afflicted goes forth seeking human flesh and whomever it may devour. There are various beliefs about how someone becomes a werewolf, including magic, satanic allegiance, or a curse of divine punishment.

2. Chupacabra

A small sharp toothed devil with small horns

States: Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Chupacabra literally means “goat-sucker” in Spanish. Originating in Puerto Rico, this legend is prevalent in many parts of the Americas. The Chupacabra is said to drink the blood of livestock. It’s about the size of a small bear, with rows of spines from the back of its neck to the base of its tail. US Southwest depictions are more dog-like.

1. Loch Ness Monster

The loch ness monster

States: California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia

The Loch Ness Monster came to worldwide attention in 1933. But the earliest sighting might be 7 A.D. It’s said to inhabit Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It’s described as large, with a long neck and one or more humps that protrude from the water. Its appearance is often compared to a dragon or sea serpent. It’s nicknamed Nessie.