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15 Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills

Bills, bills, bills—everywhere you turn, you’re spending too much money on something. Whether it’s power, water, or even your internet bill, you’re overspending on those recurring payments. Here are 15 ways to keep those costs under control.

Energy Consultation

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You should start by talking to a professional about your energy consumption. An official energy audit can show you things you might miss, like gaps in your home’s insulation, drafts, and other similar data points. You can often get a discounted or even free energy audit from your electric company.

Efficient Work

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Do you work from home? If so, consider using a laptop for tasks that require less power. Your desktop computer uses a lot more electricity than a laptop (even when it’s plugged in!) and can cost you a sizeable amount of money on your power bill each month.

Streaming Devices

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Similarly, if you use video game consoles like a PlayStation or Xbox for streaming services, you’re using more power than if you used a smaller device like a Roku or Apple TV. These smaller streaming sticks run on much simpler technology—use them instead of burning lots of power with your living room’s gaming device!


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This one is going to make some of you mad, but you need to hear it. Your thermostat doesn’t need to be set so cool in the summer or so hot in the winter. It’s a good idea to keep it around 68 degrees in the winter and 74 in the summer. Not only are those temperatures perfectly comfortable, but anything more than that is just wasting money on your power bill.


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Do you still have incandescent bulbs in your home anywhere? If so, it’s time to replace them with energy efficient LEDs. It might seem like a small thing, but you’ll save a ton of energy with LEDs and they won’t burn out (and need to be replaced) as often as their incandescent counterparts.

Aging Appliances

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Similarly, if you’ve got older appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, or dryers, you might want to replace them soon. The cost of getting new appliances could be quickly offset by the energy savings you’ll get from the modernization and upgrade.


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How old is your shower head? It might be leaky and inefficient, wasting water when you don’t realize it. A new shower head will not only be more comfortable for you, as it will direct the water more efficiently, it’ll also prevent your water bill from being so high!


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Does your commode run at night or need to have the handle shaken to stop running continuously? If so, it’s time for a new one. Low flow toilets use far less water than conventional alternatives, too, making them doubly good for your water bill—and the environment.


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Are there any gaps in your home’s insulation? Consider weather sealing your windows and exterior doors to keep your HVAC system from running too hard during bouts of extreme weather. This will also help your HVAC system stay in top shape for longer!

HVAC Service

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Speaking of the shape of your HVAC, how long has it been since your system has been checked by a professional? Your HVAC unit needs maintenance, and it’s likely already time to get it serviced—or, better yet, replaced with a new one!

Laundry Tips

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If you’re running laundry multiple times per week, consider consolidating your loads to reduce your water and energy consumption. If you need to wear uniforms to work or practice, consider getting a few duplicates so you don’t need to wash the same one over and over every day.

How Bright?

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Do you usually keep all the lights on in your home throughout the day and night? It’s best to only use overhead lights when you’re in a room, and to keep them all turned off when you’re not being active in a room. In fact, when you get settled in for the evening to relax and watch TV, why not just cut off all the overhead lights and use indirect, energy-efficient lamps for a cozier atmosphere?

When You’re Gone

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If you keep the TV, lights, and thermostat all on when you’re not home, it’s time to reconsider this behavior. You can keep your thermostat a little lower (or higher, depending on the season) when you’re not there, and there’s no reason to have the TV just running in the middle of the day when you’re gone.

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Solar Panels

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You could cut down on your power bills slightly by getting solar panels installed on your home. On a clear day, you could end up creating more power than you use. In some cases, you could even generate enough power to sell some back to the power company, earning you a nice little discount on your bill.

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Internet Bills

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Finally, if you’re paying too much on your internet bill, there are a few ways to get it down. For one, you could just call your internet service provider and ask them what kind of incentives or discounts they have. If they don’t have any, look into switching to a more affordable provider.

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