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The Best Pizza Place in Every State

Pizza might have originated in Italy, but it’s really an American specialty these days. From deep dish to New York-style, there are as many ways to prepare pizza as you can possibly imagine. But where is the best pizza in each US state? Let’s dig in to some slices.


pizza on brown wooden tray
Photo by Kelvin T via Unsplash

Legendary Birmingham restaurant Trattorla Centrale serves a truly one-of-a-kind BLT pizza that features mozzarella, bacon, ricotta, arugula, and tomatoes. As the name suggests, you’re supposed to fold it over and eat it like a sandwich. Look them up next time you’re in Alabama!


pizza with tomato and green leaves on white ceramic plate
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Alaska is a huge state with a low population density. It’s not exactly known for its vibrant food culture. That being said, if you find yourself in Anchorage, look up Capri Pizza and grab a slice of Alaskan Salmon pizza. It’s a local specialty and no one does it like Alaskans.


person making dough beside brown wooden rolling pin
Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya via Unsplash

Take a trip to the desert and visit The Parlor Pizzeria in Phoenix, Arizona to find the best pizza among the sands. The Parlor was once a beauty parlor, hence its odd name, but it now serves only the finest Salsiccia pizza.


pizza with green leaf vegetable
Photo by Inna Gurina via Unsplash

With a name like Damgoode Pies, this place better be serving up excellence. Luckily for pizza fans in Little Rock and Fayetteville, the now-famous restaurant serves the very best pizza pies in all of Arkansas. Food critics say to try the Stuffy Underdog from their menu.


pizza on brown wooden table
Photo by Nik Owens via Unsplash

California is a downright huge state, so it seems tough to narrow down just one pizzeria that serves the best slices. That being said, if you really need to pressure for an answer, it’s Pizzalolo in Oakland, California. They offer up seasonal dishes that are as delicious as they are temporary.


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Photo by Muffin Creatives via Pexels

You need the right oven to make a good pizza. Pizzeria Locale in Boulder, Colorado took that one step further and made sure to incorporate volcanic material from Mount Vesuvius into the bricks that make up their oven. The results speak for themselves—this pizza is something else.


Baked Pizza on Pizza Peel in Oven
Photo by Eneida Nieves via Pexels

Frank Pepe Pizzeria has been the premier pizza joint in Connecticut since it was opened in 1925. The store’s specialty is a unique white clam pizza that marries New England cuisine with the classic Italian dish! Look them up if you find yourself in New Haven.


Sliced Pepperoni Pizza on White Ceramic Plate
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The best pizza in Delaware can be found at Pizza by Elizabeths. If that name seems a bit odd, there’s a story here. Each pie on the menu is named after a renowned “Elizabeth” from history, like the Queen or the Saint. No matter which one you choose, you’re in for a treat.


Shallow Focus Photography of Several Pizzas
Photo by Narda Yescas via Pexels

In the Sunshine State, there’s no finer pizza than the pies that are sometimes found on the menu at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink in Miami. Frustratingly, this dish comes and goes at the restaurant’s discretion, so you’ll need to call ahead to find out if it’s an option for your visit.


Seafood Pizza Melting Cheese
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You might think the best pizza in Georgia would be somewhere in Atlanta, but you’d be wrong. Journey down to the coastal town of Savannah and you’ll find Vinnie Van Go-Go’s, where a twenty-year-old dough starter is still helping the gang make the best pizza pies in the state.


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When you think about Hawaii, you might picture pristine beaches and swaying palm trees. But if you’re looking for pizza, you should check out ʻIli ʻIli Cash and Carry in Oahu. They use local ingredients that help their pizza stand out from the competition!


Pizza With Box on Table
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Can the “potato pizza” jokes and get ready to discover one of the best pizza joints in the country. Pizzalchik in Boise uses a unique approach to their dough, “aging” it for 24 hours to add chewiness and stretchiness in addition to a unique flavor character.


A Chicago-style pizza on a silver platter
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If you weren’t aware, Chicago is in Illinois, and some of the best pizza in the world is made there. Though if you must pick one place as “the best,” we’ll give the nod to Pequod’s Pizza, a humble-looking sports bar that serves a no-frills deep dish.


Pizza Dish
Photo by Cats Coming via Pexels

The best pizza in Indiana actually doesn’t even come from a restaurant, but instead is served from the side of a firetruck. Seriously! The converted food truck Rolling Stonebaker is a fixture of Beverly Shores and renowned by locals and visitors alike.


baked pizza
Photo by Getúlio Moraes via Unsplash

Fong’s Pizza in Des Moines, Iowa opened very recently, but they’ve already made quite a name for themselves. Interestingly, they’re located in the same building as what was Des Moines’ oldest Chinese place, so they made sure to implement fun menu items like crab Rangoon pizza to reference their history.


pizza on white ceramic plate
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Rambling over the Great Plains in Kansas can be hungry work. If you want the best pizza in the great wide state, head to Wichita and check out the aptly named Wichita Pizza Company. They serve a unique taco-inspired pizza that you absolutely have to try if you pass through the Heartland.


pizza on brown wooden table
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Miguel’s Pizza in Slade, Kentucky is among the most well-known pizza places in the state for good reason. They serve phenomenal build-your-own pizza near the Natural Bridge State Resort Park, making it a perfect place for hikers to stop in.


pizza with green leaves and red sauce
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The best pizza in Louisiana isn’t in New Orleans, despite what you’d expect. Instead, it’s in Bossler City at a little place called Cascio’s Market Bistro. While the bistro usually sells muffuletta sandwiches, they also offer “pizzalettas” that use the same ingredients!


pizza on brown wooden table
Photo by Fabrizio Pullara via Unsplash

Go as far north as you can in the Continental US and you’ll find the state of Maine. In Portland, Maine, you’ll find Otto Pizza. And in Otto Pizza, you’ll find mashed potato pizza, topped with bacon and scallions. It’s even better than it sounds, and it already sounds great.


pizza on white ceramic plate
Photo by Klara Kulikova via Unsplash

In Baltimore, Maryland, you can find the trippy Joe Squared pizzeria. They serve thin-crust pizza in a square form factor among art exhibitions and live music, making for a unique and enthralling experience. It’s a treat for all five senses!


top view photo of pepperoni pizza beside brown cup filled with yellow liquid and ice cubes
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If you can stand the traffic to make your way into Boston, you can be rewarded with phenomenal pizza. Scampo, a fascinating restaurant, serves a lobster pizza that perfectly marries fine dining with good, old-fashioned trash food. Which one is which? That depends on your palette.


pepperoni pizza
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When you’re in the US’s northern Midwest, you’re likely to find lots of deep-dish pizza. The best pizza in Michigan, however, bears no real resemblance to this Chicago mainstay. Instead, it’s a thin-crust pizza from Tomatoes Apizza in Farmington Hills!


person holding pizza on white ceramic plate
Photo by Klara Kulikova vis Unsplash

The Twin Cities have some stellar pizza options, but the very finest has to be Black Sheep Pizza. Interestingly enough, this was the first pizzeria in Minnesota to feature a coal-fired oven! They offer a crisp crust that can handle any toppings.


pizza with green and red bell pepper and cheese
Photo by Wesual Click via Unsplash

Head down the river and see where it meets the ocean to reach Gulfport, Mississippi. While you’re there, look up Tony’s Brick Oven Pizzeria and try out their fascinating gumbo pizza. It’s like eating soup on crust, and it’s better than it sounds.


pizza with cheese and green leaves
Photo by engin akyurt via Unsplash

It should come as no surprise that the best pizza in Missouri can be found in Kansas City. PizzaBella in KC offers a prosciutto pizza that skips the frills and focuses on fundamentals—and very thin slices of Parma prosciutto.


baked pizzas
Photo by Jodie Morgan via Unsplash

If you’re wondering where to find the best pizza in Montana, you can judge a book by its cover for once. When in Rome, a pizzeria in Kallspell, serves a dish they call “Best Pizza Ever”.  And, yes, it is pretty dang good.


pizza with green and red bell pepper and cheese
Photo by Nik via Unsplash

Nebraska might be known for its seemingly endless cornfields, but hopefully it’ll also be known for its fantastic hamburger pizza soon, too. That’s right, La Casa Pizzeria in Ohama, Nebraska serves a stellar hamburger pizza that will blow your mind.


a pizza with several slices cut out of it
Photo by Tal Molcho via Unsplash

When you get a break from hanging around the casinos and watching awesome stage shows, you can refill at Las Vegas’s Metro Pizza. Their Mulberry Street pizza is essentially an eggplant parm on a pizza crust, and it’s the best pizza in Nevada.

New Hampshire

a pizza sitting on top of a white wooden table
Photo by Catia Climovich via Unsplash

Sriracha and avocado are popular ingredients in modern cuisine, so why not throw them together on a pizza? That’s exactly what MT’s Local Kitchen and Wine Bar in Nashua, New Hampshire did with their Spicy Guacamole dish, and it pays off in a big way.

New Jersey

pizza with green leaves and cheese on brown wooden round plate
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If New York is the capital of pizza, New Jersey is the dish’s second home. If you’re looking for the finest slices in the state, head to the old-school De Lorenzo’s in Hamilton. They don’t accept credit cards, they only serve pizza, and their food will consistently impress you.

New Mexico

pizza, italian, homemade
Photo by igorovsyannykov via Pixabay

It should come as no surprise that the best pizza in New Mexico features green chiles and grilled chicken. The “number three” from Rooftop Pizzeria in Santa Fe features these classic New Mexican ingredients, all served on a rooftop patio that gives a breathtaking view of the city.

New York

pizza, plate, food
Photo by zuzi99 via Pixabay

You want to know where you can find the best pizza in New York? Here’s our advice: walk into the street and ask a passerby where to get a good slice. If they don’t tell you to get lost, they’ll likely direct you to some unparalleled food.

North Carolina

pizza, kitchen, pizzeria
Photo by MatteoPhotoPro2020 via Pixabay

What Charlotte might lack in personal identity or charm it more than makes up for in the ways it borrows from other cities. Case in point: the phenomenal buffalo chicken pizza from Wingzza, a food truck that often parks outside the stadium during Panthers games.

North Dakota

pizza, oven, restaurant
Photo by px_steven_be via Pixabay

Yes, a few people live in North Dakota. And yes, some of them make excellent pizza. Check out A&B Pizza in Bismarck and find the genuinely wonderful House Special. The House Special features pork sausage and a spicy flavor that is an unmistakable local trademark.


plate, pizza, dish
Photo by Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

The next time you’re in Cleveland, Ohio, you should check out Bar Cento for the best pizza in the state. They serve some unique pizzas, like the unusual breakfast-themed Sunnyside. It’s got over-easy eggs and provolone—but it’s only served in the evening!


pizza, cooking, fast food
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It might feel strange to pick a chain as the location of the best pizza in a state but trust the students at Oklahoma State University on this one. Stillwater’s local Hideaway Pizza chain serves some of the best pizza around, including their trademark “Big Country” pie.


pizza, food, fast food
Photo by marckbass8 via Pixabay

Portland, Oregon is probably the first place you’d look for unique, modern spins on old-school foods. And you’d be right to do so, at least when it comes to pizza. Dove Vivi in Portland offers a pesto pizza that will reconfigure what you look for in a good slice.


pizza, stone oven pizza, stone oven
Photo by Riedelmeier via Pixabay

You might not think of Philadelphia when you think of pizza, but maybe you should change that. The next time you’re in the City of Brotherly Love, look up Osteria and treat yourself to a Parma pizza. It features a simple set of ingredients and is topped with prosciutto.

Rhode Island

pizza, food, italy
Photo by petrovhey via Pixabay

Rhode Island might not be a big state, but Al Forno Restaurant in Providence knows how to pack big flavor into a small slice. Their grill-marked slices are cooked in a woodfire grill, as the owners didn’t have access to a brick oven when they opened the place in 1980!

South Carolina

pizza, drink, food
Photo by PublicDomainImages via Pixabay

Anyone from South Carolina will tell you that the state’s best gourmet dishes can be found in Charleston. Case in point: check out EVO in North Charleston and their trademark pistachio pesto pizza. It’s a foodie’s dream pizza, and you have to taste it to understand why.

South Dakota

pizza, vegan, oyster mushroom
Photo via Pixabay

Believe it or not, there are a handful of pizzerias in South Dakota. And, it just so happens, some of them are downright excellent. Check out Charlie’s Pizza House in Yankton, South Dakota, which sells the best slice in the remote region!


pizza, slices, italian cuisine
Photo by joshuemd via Pixabay

Tennessee is home to more than just country music and big hats. If you’re looking for some phenomenal ham pizza, check out the Belly Ham from City House in Nashville. While you dine, you might spot some local musicians chowing down, too!


cheese, pizza, olives
Photo by Pexels via Pixabay

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? The West Crust Artisan Pizza Pies dish “Hill Country” looks to keep that larger-than-life tradition alive. This massive, delicious pizza isn’t just the best pie in Lubbock, it’s the best in all of Texas.


pizza, pizzeria, food
Photo by SalvatoreMonetti via Pixabay

You don’t need to go to Salt Lake City to get the best pizza in Utah. Instead, it’s found at Pizzeria 712 in Orem! Their roasted corn pizza is cooked at exactly 712 degrees and topped with fresh chiles and traditional herbs.


pizza, italian, pasta
Photo by DesignDrawArtes via Pixabay

The next time you head through Vermont, take a stop in West Glover and try out The Green Mountain Special from Parker Pie Company. The cheekily named pie features apples, bacon, maple syrup, and sharp cheddar that all blends together into a flavor that can be replicated anywhere else.


pizza, table, food
Photo by Djahongir via Pixabay

If you want the best pizza in Virginia, you need to check out the simply-named Crozet Pizza in Crozet, Virginia. Students from the University of Virginia will tell you that this is the best pizza place in the state, with unique dishes like the white mushroom pizza offering up one-of-a-kind flavors.


gourmet, pizza, creative beef pizza
Photo by heinanlan via Pixabay

You might think the best pizza in Washington would be in Seattle. While there’s plenty of great food there, the best pizza in the state is actually found in Spokane. The Flying Goat serves unmatched pizzas that pair with the craft beers on tap!

West Virginia

pizza, daisy, neapolitan
Photo by martinquijandria via Pixabay

West Virginia’s best pizza came about by accident one day at Pies and Pints in Charleston. The menu once had a raisin pizza, but the owners ran out of raisins one day and threw red grapes on the dish in a pinch. It turned out to be excellent and has been the restaurant’s signature ever since!

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pizza, basil, olives
Photo by Ajale via Pixabay

Some dishes are so obvious that it’s a wonder no one thought of them sooner. For instance, it makes perfect sense that the best pizza in Wisconsin is a mac and cheese pizza. It’s from Ian’s in Milwaukee, and… of course it’s mac and cheese. That Wisconsin cheddar is unmistakable.

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pizza oven, oven, fire
Photo by tcameliastoian via Pixabay

You might not expect Wyoming’s best slice of pizza to be a Thai-inspired fusion dish, but here we are. The excellent Thai pizza from Grand Avenue Pizza in Laramie, Wyoming is as surprising as it is delicious. It’s a favorite of students at the University of Wyoming!

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