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These 10 Things Should Be Avoided at Target

Shoppers often think huge, one-stop shops such as Target are the place to go to find bargains. While retail giants have many strengths, some items are better to buy elsewhere. Here are 10 items to avoid buying at Target.

10. Electronics

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Target stores feature an impressive selection of electronics, from televisions to gaming consoles, a variety of accessories, and more. But according to experts, consumers are better served at specialized electronics retailers. You’ll find better deals, especially at places like Best Buy and Amazon. Plus, electronics stores will likely have more knowledgeable staff and better customer service.

9. Pet Supplies

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Target carries basic pet supplies like bowls, leashes, dry and wet food, treats, and a few pet toys. However, you’ll find a much broader selection of product categories and products at a dedicated pet care store. Plus prices may be less competitive at Target than dedicated stores which commonly offer special deals and sales.

8. Name-Brand Medications

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Name-brand medications at department stores such as Target are often marked up, and even when they aren’t, they sell for their top-dollar list price. You’ll find better deals on generic medications. By law, the FDA requires generic medications to contain the same active ingredients, dosage, and quality as their name-brand counterparts.

7. Party, Arts, and Crafts Supplies


Target offers a wide selection of products in the categories of party supplies and arts and crafts. However, don’t let the huge selections and apparent markdowns fool you into thinking you’re getting a great deal. You can find many of these supplies much cheaper at a dollar store. For arts and crafts, your best bet is a devoted crafts store.

6. Target-Brand Razors

man shaving himself
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According to reviews, while Target’s giant bag of single-blade disposable razors is inexpensive, one user described the razors as “like shaving with an angry cat wrapped in barbed wire.” Still, this user added that most of Up & Up (Target’s brand) is “really great quality stuff.” To be fair, a smoother shave is why most people use double blades.

5. Target-Brand Diapers

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Target’s brand of Up & Up diapers is cheaper compared to leading brands such as Pampers or Huggies. However, a study found poor performance in tests on leaks and absorption, as well as not being free of common skin irritants or eco-friendly. The study claimed: “inability to trap liquids and hold them away from the baby’s skin is a significant flaw.”

4. Trail Mix


According to a Target employee, trail mix is outrageously overpriced at the store. The employee says the price on the trail mix is marked up, then marketed as “buy one get one 25% off” or similar. Trail mix that sells for $1.99 at Walmart goes for around $8 at Target.

3. Beauty Products

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Beauty products such as name-brand items, makeup, skincare, and more typically carry a high markup at Target. In addition, the store has a limited selection of high-end cosmetics. Better deals and a wider selection can be found at Ulta, Sephora, or stores specializing in beauty products. These stores also have knowledgeable staff to help you find the right products.

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2. Clothing

person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger
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According to consumer reviews, buyers should be wary when buying clothes at department stores such as Target. Many items are often tampered with. Carefully inspect clothing marked “as is” or “repackaged” on clearance stickers. These are different than normal clearance items. Check packaged socks and underwear, they may be short the number of items marked on the package.

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1. Home Decor and Furniture

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Target isn’t the place to find the best selection or prices on home decor and furniture. Reviews have complained that their celebrity and designer collaboration brands, such as Hearth and Hand products, are “insanely overpriced.” One user cited a Hearth and Hand candle selling for $35 or a table selling for $300. Look for better deals at dedicated furniture stores.

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