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10 Things You Should Be Buying at Target

Target is continually improving its product offerings and savings. It has added exclusive, designer, and online brands. Target’s prices are affordable on most items. For these reasons, these 10 items are must-buys at Target.

10. Designer and Celebrity Collections

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Target has an exceptional collection of items featuring collaborations between renowned designers and celebrities. Whether you’re looking for household items and decor or kitchen items, you’re likely to find collaborations on things for every room of the house. There are even designer and celebrity outdoor items, such as paint and hardware.

9. Bedding

Woman standing in bedding department of store

Bedding sets are one of the best products to buy at Target. Not just for savings, but for excellent quality as well. You’ll find comforters, quilts, duvets, throw blankets, and waited blankets. In addition, there’s also a great selection of sheets, including Twin XL sheets, the common size used for dorm beds.

8. Furniture

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Another top buy at Target is furniture. You can find something to fit every budget. There are products for cash-strapped college students, such as the Room Essentials brand. It features shelves, bedroom furniture, TV stands, freestanding closets, and more. Most items are under $100. For bigger budgets, the Threshold line offers premium brand products.

7. Activewear

Faceless slim female athlete in sportswear standing with blue fitness mat and water bottle while preparing for indoors workout

Target features several name brands of activewear for men and women, with a wide variety of products. Target also features its own line of activewear under the All in Motion brand. You’ll find these items to be soft and seamless to provide comfort during a workout, while strong enough to handle the stress. Prices start as low as $6.

6. Seasonal Items

Woman putting up holiday decorations

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Halloween, or fall and winter holidays, Target is the place to find deals on seasonal celebrations. You’ll even find non-holiday, event-based items, such as items for celebrating the Super Bowl. During events like sports championships, Target often offers deals on small kitchen appliances – perfect for a game-day party.

5. Natural Cleaning Products

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Target has placed a focus on stocking more and more natural cleaning products, making it the go-to store to find these items. You’ll find a decent selection of name-brand natural cleaning products. These items are typically more expensive than standard products. However, Target is definitely the place to find the best prices. 

4. ‘Dollar Spot’ Items


If you haven’t checked it out before, the section at Target where you’ll find the biggest savings is at the “Dollar Spot.” This is where you’ll find deals on items with many priced at only $1 each. You can find seasonal, closeout, clearance items, and more. Tip: On Target’s website the “Dollar Spot” goes by the name “Bullseye’s Playground.”

3. Good & Gather Food Products

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Good & Gather Food is Target’s flagship brand of food. What makes this brand different is its line of products is completely free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, synthetic colors, and high-fructose corn syrup. Plus, the products come with a money-back guarantee. You’ll find products in practically every food category, and product lines such as kids, organic, seasonal, and signature.

2. Health and Beauty Items From Online Brands

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You’ve no doubt seen ads online for appealing health and beauty products. However, if you’d prefer not to order these online, or worry about the hassle of returns, you can go to Target. The store now features products from several online brands including Function of Beauty, Harry’s, Flamingo, and Native.

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1. Special Offers

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Every week, Target offers special offers. Many of these are amount- or quantity-based deals. Past rewards have featured $5 or even $20 gift cards based on purchases. Additionally, by joining Target Circle, the store’s loyalty program (it’s free), you can receive offers and deals that are specially tailored to your shopping habits.

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