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The 7 Weirdest Things Inventors Tried to Turn Into Smart Devices

How many of you remember the dad in the movie Gremlins? Randall Peltzer is obviously smart and technically proficient, but his ideas always seem to either be out in left field… or they just don’t work at all (looking at you, smokeless ashtray). While we may not have a “Bathroom Buddy” on our list, I think we can top it with our talking smart toilet.

Here are some of the weirdest smart devices that were attempting to, as the fictional Peltzer said in Gremlins, “make the illogical logical.”

1. The Toothbrush That Wanted to Teach – The Smart Toothbrush

In the vast landscape of technological advancements, companies have ventured into unexpected territories, transforming ordinary objects into seemingly intelligent devices. Among the most amusing ventures was the introduction of the smart toothbrush.

Imagine, if you will, a toothbrush that sought to revolutionize your dental hygiene routine by providing real-time feedback and even connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It promised a future where your toothbrush could critique your brushing technique, monitor your oral health, and send data to dental professionals for analysis.

While the intentions were undoubtedly noble, it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at the idea of our toothbrushes gaining a newfound consciousness. Picture yourself in the bathroom, engaged in a lively conversation with your brush, or receiving notifications that it’s time for a firmware update. As entertaining as it may seem, many of us couldn’t help but wonder if our humble toothbrushes truly needed such technological upgrades or if they were just fine the way they were.

2. Tangled in Technological Tresses – The Smart Hairbrush

In the realm of quirky inventions, the smart hairbrush takes a prominent position. It was designed to transform the mundane task of brushing one’s hair into a high-tech affair.

Equipped with sensors and microphones, this ingenious creation analyzed brushing patterns, detected hair quality, and even provided personalized hair care advice. With each stroke, it evaluated the health of your locks and offered suggestions for improvement.

While the idea of receiving a critique from your hairbrush might elicit a laugh, it’s hard to imagine the practicality of such a device. Do we really need a brush to rate our hairstyling abilities or measure the quality of our hair? As we navigate through the complexity of our modern lives, sometimes it’s comforting to rely on the simplicity of traditional hairbrushes that have served us well for generations.


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3. When Table Manners Went Digital – The Smart Fork

The humble fork, a timeless companion during mealtime, faced an unexpected transformation in the era of smart devices. Innovators decided it needed a technological upgrade, giving birth to the concept of the smart fork.

These peculiar utensils came equipped with sensors and vibrating features, aiming to revolutionize our eating habits. By alerting users with gentle vibrations, these forks aimed to encourage slower eating, smaller bites, and prevent overeating.

While the intention behind promoting mindful eating was certainly commendable, the image of a vibrating fork managing our dining behavior may evoke more laughter than practicality. Mealtime is a cherished opportunity to savor food and engage in meaningful conversations, free from the intrusion of technological gadgets.

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple and rely on our instincts and good old-fashioned table manners.

4. Forecasting Laughs and Frustration – The Smart Umbrella

Umbrellas have long been our trusty companions during rainstorms, providing shelter and protection. However, with the rise of smart technology, some innovative minds saw an opportunity to imbue these everyday accessories with intelligence.

Enter the smart umbrella, a seemingly ordinary umbrella with an unexpected twist. Equipped with weather sensors, notifications, and even GPS tracking, these umbrellas aimed to elevate our rainy day experience.

Imagine receiving real-time weather updates on your umbrella, or being notified of an incoming rainstorm. While it may sound entertaining to have an umbrella that doubles as a personal weatherman, one can’t help but question the practicality of such features, especially during gusty winds and heavy rainfall.

Sometimes, the simplicity of a traditional, non-smart umbrella is precisely what we need to shield ourselves from the elements without unnecessary technological distractions.

5. Hydration Hijinks – The Smart Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential for our well-being, and a water bottle is a simple yet vital companion on this journey. However, some creative minds believed that the humble water bottle could benefit from a touch of innovation, giving birth to the concept of the smart water bottle.

These intelligent vessels aimed to revolutionize our hydration habits with reminders, tracking capabilities, and synchronization with fitness apps.

Picture a water bottle reminding you to drink water throughout the day, or guilt-tripping you for not meeting your daily intake goals. While the idea may bring a smile to your face, it’s worth pondering if we truly need a gadget to monitor something as basic as hydration.

Sometimes, the most effective solutions are the simplest ones, like a good old-fashioned water bottle and our innate sense of thirst.

6. Toasting to Technological Oddities – The Smart Toaster

The delightful aroma of freshly toasted bread is a timeless pleasure that has accompanied breakfast tables for generations. But in the pursuit of technological advancement, some companies decided that our toasters needed a bit of intelligence. Thus, the smart toaster was born.

Complete with Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone apps, and customizable toasting preferences; these devices promised a new level of toasting convenience. Imagine remotely toasting your bread from your smartphone or receiving push notifications when your toast reached the perfect shade of golden brown.

While the concept of a smart toaster may amuse us, it raises the question of whether we truly need such complex features for a task that has been effortlessly handled by conventional toasters for decades.

Sometimes, simplicity and reliability outweigh the need for unnecessary bells and whistles.

7. Flushing Away Practicality – The Smart Toilet

The smart toilet is at the apex of “smartness” in the world of everyday objects. Equipped with automatic flushing, built-in bidets, seat warmers, and ambient lighting, these high-tech toilets aimed to revolutionize our bathroom experiences.

Imagine a toilet that greeted you by name, analyzed your bathroom habits, and provided personalized health suggestions.

While the concept may elicit laughter and intrigue, it’s hard not to question the practicality of a toilet that holds conversations with its users. Amid our private moments, simplicity and functionality often take precedence over unnecessary technological complexities.

Sometimes, the most intelligent choice is the one that brings peace, tranquility and a little less chatter into the bathroom.


As technology continues to advance, it often leads us down unexpected and amusing paths. The world of “smart” devices presents us with innovative creations that can make us smile and wonder about the true necessity of these technological marvels.

From smart toothbrushes to smart toilets, these inventions certainly add a touch of humor to our lives. While we celebrate the quirkiness and ingenuity of human innovation, let’s also cherish the simplicity of the objects that have faithfully served us for centuries.

After all, sometimes the most intelligent choice is to embrace the whimsical imperfections that make our world a little more delightful.