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7 Celebrity Entrepreneurs Who Co-Founded Tech Companies

In today’s interconnected world, the boundaries between industries are blurring, and it’s not uncommon to see celebrities from the entertainment world delving into the realm of technology. These celebrity entrepreneurs leverage their star power and entrepreneurial spirit to co-found or invest in tech companies, shaping the landscape of innovation. 

In this article, we explore the journeys of seven renowned celebrities who have ventured into the tech industry, highlighting their roles, the year they started their companies, the company’s purpose, and their level of success.

7. Justin Bieber – Shots Studios (2013):

Year: 2013 | Role: Investor | Success: Evolving

Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop sensation, may be best known for his musical talents, but he has also dipped his toes into the tech industry. In 2013, Bieber invested in Shots Studios, a social networking app with a focus on selfie-based content. 

The platform aims to provide a safe and positive online environment for young users, fostering creativity and connection. Bieber’s involvement brought attention to the app, attracting users and contributing to its growth. Shots Studios continues to evolve and adapt to the dynamic social media landscape, exploring new opportunities for expansion.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow – Goop (2008)

Year: 2008 | Role: Founder | Success: Expanding

Gwyneth Paltrow, renowned for her acting prowess, has channeled her entrepreneurial spirit into the wellness industry. In 2008, she founded Goop, a wellness and lifestyle brand that initially started as a newsletter offering health advice. 

Over time, Goop has evolved into a multi-faceted company, leveraging technology and e-commerce to sell its products and deliver content. While not exclusively a tech company, Goop heavily relies on technology to connect with its audience and provide personalized experiences. The brand’s expansion into various industries and its ability to capture a loyal following showcase its success in the competitive wellness market.


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5. Jay-Z – Roc Nation and Arrive (2008)

Year: 2008 | Role: Co-founder | Success: Influential

Jay-Z, the iconic rapper and entrepreneur, has made a notable impact in the tech industry through his ventures. In 2008, he co-founded Roc Nation, an entertainment company that represents a diverse array of talents, including musicians, athletes, and more. 

Under Roc Nation’s umbrella, Jay-Z also established Arrive, a venture capital firm. Arrive focuses on investing in promising early-stage startups, nurturing their growth and connecting them with valuable resources. Jay-Z’s involvement has provided a platform for emerging companies, further establishing his influence and presence in both the entertainment and tech worlds.

4. Jessica Alba – The Honest Company (2011)

Year: 2011 | Role: Co-founder | Success: Established

Jessica Alba, celebrated for her acting career, has become a prominent figure in the world of ethical consumer goods. In 2011, Alba co-founded The Honest Company, which specializes in producing household and personal care products made from natural and eco-friendly ingredients. The company emphasizes transparency, aiming to provide consumers with safe and sustainable alternatives. 

The Honest Company’s success can be attributed to its strong brand identity and commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It has expanded its product range, gained a loyal customer base, and even went public in 2021.

3. – (2012)

Year: 2012 | Role: Co-founder | Success: Growing, a prominent member of The Black Eyed Peas, possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that extends beyond the music industry. In 2012, he co-founded, a company at the intersection of consumer electronics and artificial intelligence (AI). aims to develop innovative AI-driven products that enhance people’s lives. The company’s offerings include wireless earphones, like the BUTTONS, and the DIAL smartwatch. While still in its growth phase, has garnered attention for its unique blend of fashion-forward design and cutting-edge technology.

2. Ashton Kutcher – A-Grade Investments (2010)

Year: 2010 | Role: Co-founder | Success: Highly successful

Ashton Kutcher, known for his roles in “That ’70s Show” and “Two and a Half Men,” has proven himself to be a shrewd investor in the tech industry. In 2010, Kutcher co-founded A-Grade Investments, a venture capital firm focused on technology startups. 

A-Grade Investments boasts an impressive portfolio, including early investments in game-changing companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Spotify. Kutcher’s keen interest in technology and strategic investments have propelled the firm to great success, solidifying his position as a respected figure in the startup ecosystem.

1. Ryan Reynolds – Mint Mobile (2019)

Year: 2019 | Role: Co-owner, Spokesperson | Success: Acquired by T-Mobile

Ryan Reynolds, beloved for his charismatic performances in movies like “Deadpool,” is not only a talented actor but also a tech entrepreneur. In 2019, Reynolds became a co-owner and the face of Mint Mobile, a wireless service provider. With a focus on delivering affordable plans without compromising quality, Mint Mobile aims to disrupt the telecommunications industry. Reynolds actively participates in marketing campaigns and brings his unique brand of humor and wit to promote the company. 

Recently it was announced that T-Mobile will acquire Mint Mobile for more than $1 billion dollars. Reynolds is sticking around for a while to continue being a spokesperson, but we are already excited to find out what he cooks up next.