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10 Categories the Oscars Need to Add ASAP


The Academy Awards are stuck in their old ways. While winning an Oscar is still the biggest achievement for any actor or filmmaker, the truth is the ceremony disregards lots of valuable and important aspects of filmmaking. Whether it’s not considering genre movies to be “high art,” ignoring the work of stuntmen and women, or dismissing the films of up-and-coming filmmakers, the Academy still has a lot of growing to do to ensure they’re rewarding all types of movies. 

However, one significant way to ensure the Oscars remain relevant and inclusive is by introducing new categories that recognize emerging talents, groundbreaking techniques, and underappreciated contributions to the art of filmmaking.

So, with that in mind, here are some ideas of categories the Oscars could include in future ceremonies, including one category that actually WILL be added in 2025.

To Be Added in 2025 — Best Casting 


Best casting is finally being recognized by the Academy! In a move that should’ve happened a long time ago, the Academy revealed they’ll be adding the new award to the show in 2025. 

“Casting directors play an essential role in filmmaking, and as the Academy evolves, we are proud to add casting to the disciplines that we recognize and celebrate,” Academy CEO Bill Kramer and Academy President Janet Yang shared.

“We congratulate our Casting Directors Branch members on this exciting milestone and their commitment and diligence throughout this process.”

Best Stunt Ensemble

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Paramount Pictures

The SAG Awards have this category, so it’s time the Oscars do as well! The inclusion of a Best Stunt Ensemble category would not only acknowledge the immense talent and dedication of stunt performers, but also recognize their crucial contribution to cinematic storytelling. 

It’s no secret stunt teams play an integral role in bringing action sequences to life. Stunt professionals often risk their safety to ensure breathtaking and realistic portrayals on screen. Recognizing their efforts with an Oscar category would shine a spotlight on their craft and showcase how truly difficult it is to pull off. 

Best Directorial Debut

Greta Gerwig on set
Vimeo | A24

The Oscars need to start acknowledging up-and-coming filmmakers and not just established veterans. The Indie Spirit Awards give out an award for Best Directorial Debut and I think it would be interesting for the Academy to do the same. 


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Debut directors bring fresh perspectives and innovative storytelling to the screen, so recognizing their achievements with a dedicated category would not only celebrate their artistic vision and creative bravery but also inspire future generations of filmmakers to pursue their dreams. Not to mention, by highlighting outstanding directorial debuts, the Oscars would foster diversity and inclusivity within the industry, nurturing a vibrant landscape of cinematic voices for years to come.

Best Young Performer 

Anatomy of a Fall
Le Pacte

OK, this category may be slightly controversial, but I think it could be very interesting. There are often so many great performances by kids, but they often go unrecognized! In fact, it is very, very hard for a child to get an Oscar nomination. 

So, by establishing a dedicated category, the Oscars would celebrate the unique contributions of these rising stars (which would also encourage diversity and inclusivity in the industry), while inspiring future generations of talent. Not to mention, it would certainly help foster a supportive environment for young performers and empower them to continue honing their craft.

Best Ensemble 

Warner Bros. Pictures

Just like the Stunt Ensemble category, the SAG Awards also acknowledge the Best Ensemble category. While it’s important to reward individual performances, there’s something really special about being able to reward an entire cast for all of their combined work. 

By honoring the collaborative spirit of ensemble acting, the Oscars would showcase the power of teamwork in filmmaking and encourage greater appreciation for the collective artistry behind every successful film.

Best Soundtrack


The Academy gives out a Best Score Oscar, but they should also recognize a film’s ability to pick the right song for the right moment. It’s truly just as difficult and an incredible skill.

In fact, a well-crafted soundtrack has the power to elevate storytelling, enhance character development, and immerse audiences in the cinematic experience. I can think of specific songs in movies that truly enhanced my watching experience.

Best Voice Acting 

Bradley Cooper recording voiceover
Youtube | Marvel

Voice acting is so incredibly hard, but it never gets the respect it deserves! When I think of great voice acting I think of Bradley Cooper in Guardians of the Galaxy, Scarlett Johansson in HER, and Jeremy Irons in The Lion King… all performances that are, in my opinion, Oscar-worthy!

In fact, their ability to convey complex emotions, deliver nuanced performances, and create memorable personas is a crucial element in the success of animated films and other projects featuring voice-over work. 

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Best Practical Effects 

Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy
Disney | Marvel

Adding a Best Practical Effects category at the Oscars would honor the craftsmanship, ingenuity, and artistry behind practical effects in filmmaking. While the Best Visual Effects category tends to acknowledge and reward excellence in CGI, practical effects are just as worthy of being celebrated!

In fact, practical effects, which include makeup, prosthetics, miniatures, animatronics, and physical sets, often require meticulous attention to detail and technical expertise to create immersive and visually stunning cinematic worlds. Adding this category would not only celebrate the innovative techniques and skills of artists and technicians, but also highlight their crucial role in enhancing storytelling and creating unforgettable movie moments. 

Best Breakthrough Performance

Call Me By Your Name
Sony Pictures Classics

This category may be hard to define, but I think it would be really interesting and would recognize performances that often get overlooked. So often the actors who win the Best Actor categories are established names, rather than up-and-coming actors or actors who truly come out of nowhere. 

And, what makes this category different from Best Young Actor is it would be for all ages. Remember when Barkhad Abdi completely stole the show in Captain Phillips? Or when Timothée Chalamet, who was an unknown, blew everyone away in Call Me By Your Name? These sorts of performances deserve a bigger spotlight!

Best Low-Budget Film

Blair Witch Project
Haxan Films

OK I agree, the name needs work. But, I think it would be amazing for the Oscars to platform films and filmmakers who don’t get the recognition that big-time directors with large budgets get. The Indie Spirt Awards have the John Cassavetes Award, which rewards a film made for less than $1,000,000, and I believe the Oscars could do something very similar with their show.

The Oscars is all about giving movies and filmmakers a platform, and there really is no better use of that platform than acknowledging more unknown movies and filmmakers that would otherwise not make a lot of money.

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