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10 Signs Someone May Be a Narcissist

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) exhibits itself in many forms. Egoism, superiority, vanity, competitiveness, perfectionism, self-absorption, or being confrontational. Here are 10 signs that someone may be a narcissist.

10. They Like to be the Center of Attention

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Narcissists are self-absorbed and prone to grandiosity. Some narcissists may flaunt their physical appearance, others their abilities. Narcissists may paint themselves as one of the most effective and indispensable workers at a company. Outside of work, they might be the best at a particular skill or hobby. They may tell tales in ways that present the idealized version of themselves. 

9. They Give Unsolicited Advice Constantly

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Narcissists may present themselves as knowing “what’s right” in any given situation. As a result, they have a habit of giving unsolicited advice and telling others what they should say, do, think, or feel. Research has shown that narcissists have a superiority complex. This fact readily explains why they see “their way” as the “best way.”

8. They Detest Waiting

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Many narcissists have a sense of entitlement. Because they’re self-absorbed, narcissists see themselves at the center of the world, with all things revolving around them. On many levels, they feel they deserve special treatment – even among friends and family. They detest waiting in all forms. They may become angry if you don’t immediately respond to their requests, texts, or voicemails.

7. Their Ambition Knows no Bounds

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Classic narcissists have delusions of grandeur. They believe they’re destined for greatness. They see themselves as naturally unique and part of an elite class that deserves the best. They prefer associating with other “high-status” people. They crave admiration and special treatment from peers to support their “superiority.” They may obsess over status symbols and be judgmental of the “lesser” people.

6. They Will Use Charm as a Weapon

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When a narcissist dishes out compliments, rest assured, there’s an ulterior motive. When they turn on the charm and shower another person with admiration there’s an unsaid expectation. Narcissists expect the other person to return in kind by lavishing praise on them. A narcissist telling someone they’re great means they want to hear the same said about them.

5. They Are Super Competitive

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Due to their perfectionism, narcissists must win no matter the situation or domain. Losing would diminish their sense of superiority, and this is unacceptable. Therefore, narcissists have a compulsive drive to prove their dominance in every situation. If someone tells a story, they must one-up it. As a result, it makes it difficult for them to celebrate other people’s successes.

4. They Hold Grudges

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Self-importance, self-focus, perfectionism, and a lack of empathy all combine to make narcissists confrontational. Instead of dealing with their hurt feelings, they become angry and seek revenge in some form. For their defense, they may use insults, belittling, or intimidation to gain the upper hand with other people. Wrongdoings, perceived or real, result in long-held grudges.


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3. It’s Never Their Fault

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Narcissists are often perfectionists as well. Viewing themselves as superior, they can’t see themselves making mistakes or doing anything less than the right thing. Therefore, things are never their fault. They won’t own up to their mistakes or apologize. Because they lack empathy, they have no problem blaming other people for their actions.

2. They Take Advantage of People

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Narcissists put themselves before others. As a result, whether intentionally or not, they are so self-absorbed they forget to consider the consequences for others in a given situation. They lack empathy for others. They will exploit or manipulate other people to get what they want. The worst narcissists will bully people to achieve their goals.

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1. They Have a Sense of Superiority

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Narcissists are self-absorbed and are prone to grandiosity, and pretentiousness, in their words and actions. They crave having their ego stroked constantly to reinforce their well-developed image of superiority. To reinforce this image, they may engage in reckless behavior, dangerous living, or substance abuse. In reality, they suffer from a low sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

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