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15 Things You May Not Know About Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has played some of the most iconic characters in movie history. But Ford has led a legendary life offscreen, too. Get ready to learn some incredible and even weird facts about actor Harrison Ford.

15. There Are Species of Insects Named After Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford Ant
EO Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

Did you know that Harrison Ford is an environmentalist? In honor of the work he has done, he has had two different species of the insect kingdom named after him. The first is a species of ant called Pheidole harrisonfordi. The other is a species of spider called Calponia harrisonfordi.

14. He’s Rescued People With His Helicopter More Than Once


Many people know that Harrison Ford is a pilot, through his much-publicized crashes. But he also owns and pilots a helicopter and has done assigned duty time with Teton County Search and Rescue in Wyoming. In 2000, Ford rescued a hiker near Table Mountain, using his helicopter. In 2001, he rescued a 13-year-old who became lost near Yellowstone National Park.

13. Ford Was Once Spotted Directing Traffic in New York City

Harrison Ford Directing Traffic
Youtube | Inside Edition

In 2017, Ford’s car became stuck on the streets of New York City. After his vehicle became an obstacle to traffic, Ford got out and started directing traffic to get the roadway flowing so people could get back to their business. Someone recognized the actor and filmed the incident.

12. He Was Once Named the Sexiest Man Alive

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

In 1998, People magazine named Harrison Ford its sexiest man alive for its famous annual issue. This was right around the time Ford’s movie with Anne Heche, Six Days, Seven Nights, was released. This was only a year after he appeared in The Devil’s Own with fellow sexiest man alive, Brad Pitt.

11. In His Early Acting Days, Ford Worked as a Carpenter

Harrison Ford in Witness
Paramount Pictures

Ford had quite a few movie and TV roles under his belt, including The Conversation and American Graffiti, before his breakout role in 1977’s Star Wars. He revealed during a 2014 Reddit AMA that his “principal job at the time” was a carpenter. Ford said it allowed him to be more selective with the roles he took.

10. Ford’s College Major

Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, George Lucas
Photo by s_bukley on Deposit Photos

You might think Ford’s college major was acting. But you’d be wrong. Ford says acting wasn’t his original plan. When he went to college, his original major was philosophy. However, he began looking for something that “was challenging and would provide” experiences. Ultimately, he found that calling in acting.

9. Ford Worked on a Camera Crew for a Documentary About The Doors

The Doors

Another early job Ford had was working on a camera crew that was shooting a documentary about rock band The Doors. He spent a week on the road with the legendary group. Ford joked that he thought he was cool and hip before going out on the road. However, he soon realized he couldn’t keep up with the group.


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8. He Was Honored With the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy

Harrison Ford Wings Over the Rockies
Youtube | Wings Over the Rockies and Air Space Museum

Harrison Ford has logged countless hours in the air, controlling various fixed-winged aircraft, as well as helicopters. In 2010, Ford received the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy which is awarded to living American pilots who have demonstrated “significant public service of enduring value to aviation in the United States.

7. Indie Hates Snakes, but Ford Is Quite Fond of Them

Indiana Jones and Snakes
Paramount Pictures

In the Indiana Jones series of films, the titular character has a fear and dislike of snakes. “I hate snakes” is one of the most recognizable quotes from the series. But Harrison Ford actually commented in a 2014 Reddit AMA that he likes snakes. He revealed he once helped collect them and build an environment for them as a nature camp counselor with the Boy Scouts.

6. He Once Asked Adam Sandler to Wash His Car

Adam Sandler in Billy Madison
Universal Pictures

Carrie Fisher has thrown some of the biggest and best Hollywood parties. Her shindigs would bring up the biggest stars in the industry. Adam Sandler said at one of Fisher’s parties, Ford approached him and asked him to come over and wash his car because his kids would get a kick out of it.

5. Ford Did ‘The Fugitive’ so He Could Grow a Beard

Harrison Ford in The Fugitive
Warner Bros.

Ford revealed that every time he wanted to grow a beard or mustache, Warner Bros. would shoot it down. Ford was always clean-shaven in his 80s and early 90s movies. He said one reason he chose the role of Richard Kimble in 1993’s The Fugitive was he got to sport a bushy beard for the first part of the movie.

4. Can You Guess His Most Requested Quote?

Harrison Ford in Air Force One
Columbia Pictures

Most people would assume that the movie line Harrison Ford gets the most requests to perform would come from one of the Indiana Jones or Star Wars films. But that’s not the case. During the 2014 Reddit AMA Ford revealed that he is most often asked to say “Get off my plane” — a quote from the film Air Force One.

3. The Story Behind the Chin Scar

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Everyone’s noticed the distinct scar that runs along the left side of Harrison Ford’s chin. Ford revealed that the scar was the result of “a fast car crash.” The accident happened when he was much younger and driving to work. He veered into a telephone pole while trying to put on his seatbelt.

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2. Ford Has Only One Oscar Nomination

Harrison Ford in Witness
Paramount Pictures

Harrison Ford’s only Oscar nomination is for Witness in 1986. He does, however, have two Lifetime Achievement Awards: The American Film Institute in 2000, and The Critics Choice in 2024. The Golden Globes gave him a Cecil B DeMille award in 2002. He has three People’s Choice Awards and got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003.

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1. Ford’s Movies Have Earned More Than $10 Billion at the Box Office

Hand and Footprints of Harrison Ford
Photo by santirf on Deposit Photos

In 2016, Ford was granted a Guinness world record for highest-grossing actor of all time — at that time. Although he no longer holds that title (Robert Downey Jr. does now), Harrison Ford’s movies have made a mint at the worldwide box office. His films have brought in more than $10 billion.

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