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Woman Disinvites Sister from Wedding After Horrifying Prank

A ‘horrified’ bride has fallen out with her sister and her parents after her sister played a prank with her wedding invitations leaving her embarrassed. She banned her sister from her wedding, and now her parents are fuming.

Sister Pulls Wedding Invitation Prank, Horrifying Bride-to-Be

It all started with wedding planning. A 28-year-old bride, who wants to remain anonymous, now says she was “horrified” after her sister pulled a prank involving the wedding invitations.

The 25-year-old sister has “always been a bit of a prankster,” according to the bride. While most of the time her jokes have been “harmless,” the bride says that on this occasion her sister took things too far.

The younger sister decided to pull a prank by sending out fake wedding invitations to the bride’s friends and their relatives.

The fake invitations announced that the wedding was being held as a “casual backyard BBQ and everyone should bring a dish to share.”

The bride inadvertently found out when one of her aunts called her to ask what she should bring to the barbecue. At first, the bride was confused and had no idea what she was talking about.

“She forwarded me the invitation she received,” the bride said. “I was horrified.”

Sister Bans Her Prankster Sister from Wedding, Parents Are Furious

After learning about the prank, the bride didn’t find the humor in it and confronted her sister over it.

The bride says her sister “laughed it off” and said “it was just a joke.” She then said she was going to send out the real invitations “soon.”

The bride acknowledged that her sister apologized. 

Bride Disinvites Sister to Wedding: “I Don’t Trust Her”

“I could tell she didn’t really see what the big deal was,” the bride said. “After thinking it over, I decided that I don’t want to hurt my wedding.”

“I don’t trust her not to pull another stunt,” the bride continued. “I don’t want to spend my wedding day worrying about what she might do.”

Reportedly, after being banned from the wedding, the prankster sister “flipped out” and told the bride she was “overreacting.”

Upon learning the bride had banned her sister from the wedding, her parents became extremely upset with her. They told her it was “cruel” to exclude her sister from such an important event.

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Bride Asks the Internet for Advice

The bride originally posted her story on Reddit. After some thought, she asked some of the readers for some advice on whether she should uphold the ban on her sister’s attendance at her wedding.

“Now I’m starting to wonder if I’m being too harsh,” the bride said.

Many users agreed with the bride that she was right to ban the sister.

“Yeah she went a bit too far,” a user agreed. “It’s your wedding. Everyone knows you don’t mess with certain things and a wedding is one of them.”

“Genuinely cannot see how that’s funny,” one user wrote. “It smacks of a jealous, insecure little girl who wants to ruin your day.”

“Tell parents it’s more cruel of your sister to try and make a farce out of your wedding and for them to side with her on it,” another user wrote. “Get security so she doesn’t try to get in anyway and pull something.”

“Sister has shown no remorse, has not done anything to undo her harm – such as actually telephone every single person she sent an invite out to and explain that it was a ‘prank’,” yet another commented.

“Personally, I wouldn’t let her send out the real invitations,” one user advised. “Double-check them to make sure that they are correctly printed and the addresses are correct.” 

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