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Woman’s Wild Non-Negotiables for the Father of Her Child Has People in Shock

There are some normal things to expect of a man as a father: Protector, provider, responsibility. But one woman’s must-haves for any would-be father of her child is so outrageously over-the-top, it has people in shock!

What This Woman Expects for any Future Father of Her Children

A pair of twin sisters named Brooklyn and Lenna have gone viral after their list of demands for any would-be father of their child sparked a huge debate. People on social media said these requirements were way over the top!

A lot of younger people are concerned about this moment in time and the state of the world and wonder about having children. Along with that big decision, comes a bigger decision about making a connection with someone that will last a lifetime, even if the relationship doesn’t. It’s a commitment to being a parent for life.

Brooklyn and Lenna host a podcast called Something For That Ass. During one episode, the twin sisters began discussing what requirements they would have for any future father of their children.

The pair began rolling off a laundry list of qualities they expected a future dad to have if he was going to raise children with them. 

Woman’s List of Fatherly Demands Gets Insane!

The podcast and discussion took a weird turn, as Brooklyn started ticking off several very strict rules she expected a dad of her children to abide by.

“I’m just not going to have a man’s baby just to have a man’s baby,” Brooklyn said. “If a man wants me to have his baby, I have two requirements.”

People naturally expected that Brooklyn was going to say something like he needed financial stability, a certain level of income, or perhaps a certain amount of money in savings. They expected another requirement would be for him to prioritize his home life over his career or other commitments.

But nope, these typical things weren’t at the top of her list.

Demand #1

“You’re going to get a tattoo of my face on your body…because it’s a body for a body,” Brooklyn stated. “My body is going to change forever – your body is going to change forever.”

“I definitely want a tattoo of my face on the father of my child’s body,” Brooklyn continued. “Preferably stomach, because my stomach is going to look different after a baby, so your stomach should look different too.”

Demand #2

Next, Brooklyn demanded a “push present.”

If you haven’t heard that term before, a push present refers to a gift awarded to the parent doing the “pushing” in the delivery room.

“My push present is either a car or a house,” Brooklyn said. “Preferably both.”

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The Debate That Followed – Some Men Agreed

Not surprisingly, several males had thoughts, and took to social media to respond to the “demand list.”

“Red flags all over the place,” one wrote.

“So a baby y’all both decided you wanted but you deserve a whole house or new car?” Another said.

However, not every male disagreed with Brooklyn’s demands.

“This is real because a lot of men don’t understand how much it takes to give birth and make it seem like it’s not a big deal, you couldn’t have said it any better,” one man wrote. “I love it!”

“Body for a body is reasonable,” another agreed.

“You have a right to set your own boundaries, standards, and requirements, as long as it’s consensual lol,” another man said. But then added one caveat: “Don’t be tattooing people in their sleep or when they’re drunk.”

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