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The Minnesota Twins’ Magical ‘Home-Run Sausage’

It’s no surprise that sports teams get superstitious. It could be the location, the uniform, a pre-game ritual… When a team finds a winning streak, they want to keep things perfectly the same so they don’t jinx it.

That’s why the Minnesota Twins are carrying around a ‘home-run sausage’ which has apparently led them to an eight-game winning streak.

It all started during a rough start against the White Sox when hitting coach David Popkins brought the sausage into the dugout and asked players to tap it before they stepped out to take their swings.

Here’s the kicker: It actually worked.

The Twins immediately saw an uptick in hits, including back-to-back home runs from Edouard Julien and Ryan Jeffers. They went on to beat the White Sox, coming back from a 2-0 deficit.

Now, the sausage travels with the team, sealed in a sandwich bag and placed in a shoe. Will it continue to bring the Twins the luck they need to keep their streak going? Unfortunately, there’s an obstacle in their near future that could put an end to the magical sausage: Canadian customs could confiscate it on their way to play in Toronto.

But even if the team manages to sneak the sausage through customs, they have another worry. Players are beginning to hope that the bag they’ve placed the magical sausage in never rips open. You see, the normally delicious stick of meat hasn’t been refrigerated in more than a week now, and Twins manager Rocco Baldelli has expressed some lighthearted concern about the unlucky soul who is holding the sausage when the packaging fails. It’s not going to be a pleasant smell.

As a remedy, Jeffers says that the team is working on a way to locate fresh sausages locally before games. But that solution begs the question — is the winning streak because of the specific sausage or just sausage in general? These are the serious questions that Twins fans must be debating amongst themselves.


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Are the Twins taking the sausage seriously? Well, yes and no. Jeffers joked that baseball can be hard, and a little fun to lighten the mood is sometimes helpful. But that being said, the sausage has certainly put the Twins into the right mindset to keep their winning streak going.

Anyway, we’re not going to ask where they plan to hide the sausage to get through Canadian customs, but we wish the Twins all the luck with that endeavor.