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Darren Waller’s Cringe Divorce Song + Will WNBA Teams Use This Against Kelsey Plum?!

Zoe and Kitley discuss Darren Waller’s “divorce song,” why we should maybe be applauding Darren for his efforts, what we think Kelsey Plum’s reaction was, and whether or not WNBA teams will use this song against her.

As an NFL player known for his impressive skills on the field, Darren Waller’s recent foray into the music world has left many scratching their heads. The Giants’ star, who initially rose to fame with the Raiders, seems poised to announce his retirement, allegedly due to not attending OTAs. 

However, his personal life has also been in the spotlight, particularly his recent divorce from Kelsey Plum, a standout player for the Las Vegas Aces. This post delves into the surprising twist of Waller’s latest endeavor – a song titled “Who Knew (Her Perspective),” his artistic attempt to process his emotions and offer a unique insight into his relationship with Plum.

The Song and Its Reception

Darren Waller’s song “Who Knew (Her Perspective)” has been met with mixed reactions, to say the least. While some appreciate his attempt at vulnerability, the general consensus is that the track is, well, cringeworthy. 

One can’t help but wonder about Kelsey Plum’s reaction to this public display of their private matters. The song, drenched in autotune and lacking in professional polish, has drawn comparisons to an amateur theater production – earnest but awkward.

Listening to the song, it’s clear that Waller’s heart was in the right place. He explained that on February 3rd, he felt a strong conviction to try something different and wrote from Plum’s perspective. He described the experience as “extremely valuable and quite humbling,” emphasizing personal growth through the process. Despite his intentions, the execution has left much to be desired, with many struggling to get through even a few seconds of the video due to its high cringe factor.

Cringe Culture and Artistic Efforts

Cringe culture often discourages people from stepping outside their comfort zones, but there’s something to be said for Waller’s willingness to be vulnerable. In today’s perfection-driven world, attempting something new and creative, even at the risk of public embarrassment, is commendable. Waller’s attempt at music, though far from flawless, showcases his desire to grow and explore new avenues of expression during a tumultuous time in his life.

It’s important to recognize that everyone starts somewhere, and not being immediately good at something should not deter anyone from trying. Waller’s song might not win any awards, but it represents a personal journey and a moment of introspection. We should applaud such efforts, as they encourage a culture of trying and learning, rather than one of immediate perfection and fear of failure.

The Internet’s Reaction and Team Loyalties

The internet has been ablaze with reactions to Waller’s song, with opinions ranging from supportive to downright brutal. Some viewers, like myself, are here to support Waller’s artistic bravery, while others firmly stand by Kelsey Plum, citing rumors about the relationship’s demise as a reason to criticize the song. 

It’s a complex situation, and while personal loyalties may influence one’s view, it’s crucial to separate the art from the artist’s personal life.

For Kelsey Plum, the public nature of Waller’s song could add an extra layer of difficulty to an already challenging divorce. The idea of her teammates or even opposing teams using the song to tease her is a testament to how personal matters can quickly become fodder for public entertainment. Hopefully, those around her handle the situation with the sensitivity it deserves.

In conclusion, Darren Waller’s “Who Knew (Her Perspective)” is more than just a song – it’s a raw and imperfect exploration of his emotions during a significant life change. While it may not be a musical masterpiece, it stands as a testament to his willingness to be vulnerable and try something new. 

In a world where cringe culture can stifle creativity, Waller’s efforts remind us of the importance of embracing imperfection and personal growth.